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Constipation question :)


Proper Little Madam
I would like to ask all you experienced VLCD/CAMBRIDGE/W8/LIPOTRIM/LL peoples etc after you have been on the diet for a while does your body get used to the foods and stop being constipated or does it remain as bad throughout and you just get used to it.
I start my VLCD tomorrow and that is my only concern.

Thanks in advance x x
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yes you can get constipated.. but apparently it has a lot to do with your water intake. I have been drinking alot more water this week and I have been absolutely fine. also if you experience the problem when you start VLCD then you can take fibreclear which will help the system to run properly. Sometimes if I feel real dodgy then I take senakot which works great.

It definitely isnt as bad as you may be thinking. it sorts itself out and there are definitely things you can do to help it along. hope that helps xx
I haven't had this problem at all. I have drunk the correct amount of water, and go as normal. But to be honest its different from normal.
I find that the flapjacks makes you go more.lol more fibre. x
I am only on day 10 and I didnt go for the first 6 days. I was drinking 3 litres + every day, but it just seemed to take its own time.
I am fine now.....so hoping for a good loss next week, if you know what I mean.
I have started taking more peppermint tea and I also drink warm water from the kettle every morning. Hopefully that will keep me regular.
My Pharmacist also gave me some free samples of fibogel, which will give you fibre, but she said if the constipation keeps on, then to take sennokot.
Good luck, hopefully it will all sort itself out soon for you like it did for me.

mrs bee

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I've been really lucky no constipation just longer between motions! Xx
Why do I have the opposite to this effect, ive never been constipated but I have to admit it has got better and not running to the loo to do number 2 often!!
hi guys,

can you use the orange fybogel??i asked my boyf to go out and get me some fibreclear but he came back with that instead. I've got a feeling you can't use it, but just thought i'd ask in case xx
thanks anyway sweetie. this one is power too...but orange flavoured and im sure i read we can't have anything fruit based?xx
how u getting on any way darling?xxx
I am fine again Barbie, although I did have a couple of rough days. I blame it on my body re-adjusting as I had it dead easy for the first 16 days, who knows. Anyhow, I am back to normal today and feeling great.
good to hear sweetie!!when you get weighed again?xx
Try a teaspoon of benefiber powder (green jar from Boots) in your shakes. Works a treat:sick0019:
good luck kered!! and thanks sandra, ill pop to boots later xx
I had been a little constipated but not any more, actually had the opposite but that may be due to the caffine in the tea - I have IBS and it acts up if I have caffine!!

Just drink plenty of water - I have also found peppermint tea helps with it too, a few people have said that too.

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