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Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
I've never suffered with constipation whilst on the tablets, but I'm interested in what you say Rach about having IBS. My friend was advise by the nurse at her GP not to go on xenical because of her IBS, did you doctor say it would be ok? She would like to try the tablets, but she just got a straight no from the doctors :(
Sarah I would say eat more bran in your diet...:)
Hey passiflora, my doctor never said anything about the IBS, what did your friends doctor say to her about it? It hasnt made any difference to my IBS at all. Maybe she could try a different doctor!! I'm sure i have read about others on here having IBS and they are taking the tablets!! I hope your friend is able to get them if its what she really wants!!
i have not had constipation on them but (without being crude lol) i have been going a lot less often since been on them
My 1st home is the toilet.....I drink lots of water big fruit and veg eater and good old fibre in the diet ha ha
I had constipation and really bad boosting for the first week of taking xenical, I have been fine since! Think it's was just my body adjusting to the tablets and/or the new way of eating! :)
could be your change of diet.....glad you are better now :)
im still realllly bloated and have been drinking a lot of water and what not..must be the change in my diet and body adjusting to the tablets..i just hope the scales have moved for my weigh in tomorrow =)
goodluck for tomorrow...i'm sure you will be ok :) x

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