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Yes you can, but don't it's really aggressive and causes bad stomach cramps, try sennacot (senna) instead much gentler and works well. I have looked at other threads on hear about same stuff, as i was suffering too, and they all seem to say the same thing. hope that help hun x


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This is one problem which I definately never suffer from on CD. I find all the water I drink does the trick for me. Maybe I am strange becasue I have read quite a few posts on constipation. Does anyone else find water the water works for them?


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I dont even know if it is constipation, I do feel a bit bloated, but Im just worried because I have only been doing a 'No. 2' once a week....:( I drink at least 4 litres of water a day...

Is this normal???

Maybe I should just let it run its course...

Cat Bee x


Skinny girl in a fat body
When you think about it you can only pass out what you put in, if there isn't a lot going in, there's not going to be a lot coming out lol. Of course, if you feel bloated, sluggish - you know the feeling, take half of the dose of laxative. This is only a idea becasue in the past I have taken laxatives (for diets) when my stomach has actually been more or less empty and boy, was I in agony!!


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I think I'll maybe wait until the weekend, if I feel any worse, I'll go get something to help me along! lol

Thanks for the help guys!

Cat Bee x
Your CDC can give you fibre drinks if you are having problems, i find i only go once week so its quite normal i think.
Once a week thats sounds good
Im on one a fortnight and its like delivering cannon balls
Not good will try the Duloclax and see what happens
Of course it is up to you what you take but be careful with Duloclax. I have said this previously (and sorry if anyone else has heard it before) but I was in agony with it and sat crying on the toilet for about 2 hours. I now take senna and it works a treat. Hope the problem moves on soon for you and catbee;)
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