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consultants appointment.

Had my final appointment today, saying this as the next I have is past my due date and I'm hoping to not make that one!:D;)

All went fine, BP is normal, he only listened to baby's HB for about 5 seconds which did miff me off a bit! But baby is fine and still free which I expected anyway.

They got my notes from my previous hospital and section and I have a 'normal' scar so it's all fine to attempt my vbac! Whoohoo!!
It showed in my notes that I dilated last time to 6cm, but every time they checked me it would alter. for example I would be 6cm then 3cm, then 5cm and so on!
Has this ever happened to anyone else?

I'm happy to know that I did achieve 6cm whilst being induced and using G&A and one shot of pethidine. I just hope I can do that again but stay at home for longer and only use G&A which I hope will be achievable as I won't have any augmentation making the contractions more painful.

I'm taking my RLT capsules religiously!

And I just really hope I can do this, I want it so bad, I hope this feeling encourages me to accept the contractions and just let it happen iykwim?!
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All sounds promising, really hope you get the birth you want.

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
really glad its all going well xx
The mw came to see me this morning as i haven't seen them for a few weeks and she wanted to see what the consultant said.

This morning I still have glucose in my wee. :(my tummy is measuring 34 weeks, so bang on. :)Although the baby is currently breech, which is fine at the moment, but by 36 weeks she should be head down. Which is only 10 days away!:( If she isn't head down she will probably send me for a scan to see why. At the moment she thinks it's because I'm carrying a lot of water allowing her to tumble and swish about because she still has room too. :rolleyes:

She said if every thing is normal then she would be happy to do the sweep at 39 wks.:D

I just hope this baby doesn't end up being breech or else it's c-section here I come! Again!
Sometimes it just seems to be one thing after another with me! All I want is to be able to push a head down baby out of my foof myself! Surly that's not to much to ask!

Ohh and she also asked about my feet size (relation to pelvis size?) and I said when I'm slimmer I have a very small frame and small size 3-4 feet. She also commented on the size of my husbands head in photos! Apparently he has a manly head shape lol! Will have to tell him that later! Although I do think there is some truth in what she was getting at.:confused:
I am sure baby will sort itself out ;), 2nd and subsequant babies apparantly have a bit more room and can take a little longer to get themselves into the right position. Try googling it and you will find loads of info on positions you can do to encourage babes into a head down position. I was asked about foot size on my 1st as he wasn't descending very quickly so I assume it must have some relation to the size of your pelvis? Good luck I am sure it will all come right in the end, and you can always blame your husband and his 'manly' head LOL, Take care, Jo

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