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Contemplating a return


Got a life thank you!

I lost just over 4 stone last year (from June 26th) and was doing so well but then just after Christmas it was as if a switch went on (or off) and I've started eating like crazy again. I'm ashamed to say I have put on almost 3stone of that four.

I feel fat, bloated and out of control.

I have tried to restart several times (using old packs) but have failed miserably. I know I need the support of the group but I keep putting buts in place (it is a long way to travel - an hour each way), it is expensive, I can't get back into ketosis by myself why should I pay £68 a week.

I think you know where this is going.

I'm fed up of binging, I feel sick all my clothes are too tight and I have an option - either live in the one pair of tracksuit bottoms I have that fit (I gave away all my bigger clothes), loose weight to get back into them or go out and buy bigger.

I really don't want to buy bigger but I just don't know whether I can restart LL.

Has anyone restarted with true success - and kept the weight off? You see as soon as I started eating again I completely lost all the principles that seem so easy when you are in abstention.

I am contemplating doing a beyond chocolate course as well - I'm just waiting for info to come through on it.

I would love to hear your experiences please.
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The Diet Guy
Hiya Flop

I had a lady who lost 4 of her 6 stone and then fell off, she gained 2 stone back and was struggling but then the switch went back on again and she lost all the weight and is just finishing the diet now.

Therefore it can definately be done, you just need to punch through that first week as you really need that ketosis to supress the hunger so that you can give your willpower a fighting chance to do the rest.

Why don't you look at Lipotrim or Cambridge instead as a new start, new flavours, new experience maybe ? or give your old LL counsellor a ring and let him/her earn their money and really support you in getting past the first 10 days so that you are on the diet again and cooking fat.

Anyway you can do this, you know you can do this, it is physically no harder the 2nd time round so it is the mental side you need to get past and that requires 10 days of just being stubborn with yourself and you can do that!



Gold Member
Hiya flopster,
I'd say 'go for it with lighterlife' :D Being in a returners group, you'll all be in the same boat, ie 'returners' :p

Perhaps you could have extra 'pop ins' just till you get back into the swing of things... I know its a long journey time wize, least it'll keep you away from food tho!

good luck to you whatever you decide to do :)
well, I lost 6 1/2 stones from may 06-oct-06
had some stress in my life[ to make a long story short] put on 2 stone before may 2007
I am now back to about my lightest and I am so happy , I wore a short linen dress small size 12 yesterday to a party. I had vein surgury this year so I have never been able to wear a short dress before in my life.I have never felt better about myself. A man told me I had great legs !! and Im 46
Go back on the diet if you can
I got in to a new group, and it has been the best thing [ both for them and for me]
best of luck to you , you know you can do it
so just do it
Hi there,
I'm a returner, having lost about 5 1/2 stone in 2004 and having put 4 of it back on.
I'm now up to day 12 and as Mike says, once you punch through the first days and get safely into ketosis it does get MUCH easier. I also mucked about with old packs and never quite made it, but now I'm back as a returner (with LL) I'm finding it easier (great counsellor).
Also the rapid loss of weight is a strong motivator! I did a massive sort out of clothes yesterday and am looking forward to going down the sizes and being able to wear all those lovely clothes again.
I also went to a Beyond Choc workshop about a month ago and intend to follow their principles when I'm back to where I want to be and going through managment. I would recommend their workshop, some emotional moments, but a great day.
Go for it, find something that works for you (the hour each way does seem extreme for LL - how about Cambridge?)
Good Luck! Daisy x


Got a life thank you!
Thank you for all your replies. When I last visited here, I decided I wasn't in the right place to continue and thought I could manage to lose weight using traditional methods but I was sadly kidding myself.

I've had a very bad experience earlier on in the year - no excuse I know but I put on a very very brave face but inside I was crumbling and I turned to the good old chocolate bar.

Anyway on Sunday I knew I was in the right place mentally to do this and restarted. I'm now on day three and about 5 lbs lighter (I think) and have just tested positively for ketones.

Tonight is the first time I've felt OK and I had a little energy surge earlier which must mean I'm well on my way.

For now I am using up my left over packs (I have about two weeks worth in total) and then I am going to see how it goes from there.

I think in all truthfullness I will probably call up my local cambridge counsellor because of the cost of it.

I also plan on doing beyond chocolate as I need something for "after" as this is no way of life!
Hey there Flopster - great to see ya back !!

you can so do this......keep us posted on your progress !!

lookin forward to hearin bout your sucesses !!


Debz xx


Got a life thank you!
Thanks Debz, it is nice to be back, I'm just doing a quick catch up on everyone right now lol!
Hi Flopster
I remember you from the maintenance group we were both in. Sorry you are struggling. I too have put weight back on, around 2 stone. I have tried restarting with old packs etc, do ok for a few days then end up back to where I started. I am thinking about going back to LL but feel very nervous about doing this. After reading yours and some of the others on here though I have now decided to contact my counsellor and have a chat. Good luck to you all.

chicken on a mission

Restarting to lose 4stone
I too have struggled BIG TIME.

I got down to my target with little trouble and stopped going to the LL sessions and started on CD. I thought I could cope without the sessions given how easy I found the weight loss. How wrong I was, I neglected to concentrate on my diary and feelings and the binging crept back into my life again:cry:

I have a shed load of CD packs and was going to start tomorow but why wait?

I am starting today thanks to this thread :D

I am just going to go and weigh myself, I'm scared though and reckon I need to lose at least 3 stone. How I wish I'd stuck with the programme. I knew from reading so many people's stories that it all goes to pot if you take your eye off the ball but I still fell into the same trap.

The trouble is that I now can't afford to do LL again. Since losing the weight I bought a horse who luckilly is very capable of carrying me and a whole lot more even at my current size.

So my plan is to replicate as much as posible all the aspects that made me successful first time around.

I'll be looking into minimins as much as I used to, digging out the LL info to read through, reading my old diary and writing a new one and weighing myself on a regular basis. I shouldn't have stopped weighing myself :(
Well I am also in the same boat of returning. Though I have decided to restart on the 2nd Jan 08 as I have too many functions to get through in Nov/Dec and know I will fail. So I have made a decision to restart a day to the year when I first joined LL (02/01/07).

I lost 5st 10lbs the first time round and I have gained 14lbs since then. I think I started Management too early I was 10stone and wanted to be 9 stone but had my daughter 2nd bday and decided to start eating again to coincide with this.

I know think I should have gone slightly lower to say 9 stone then start management. I was happy with my shape and weight at 9st 6lbs. I am not happy at 10st 4lbs.

I do wonder will I ever be happy. I am in a size 10/12 but more like 12's. Some of my clothes dont fit me or are not as comfy. I have gained cm's on my wasit and thighs which I am not happy about.

I do go to the gym and work out at least twice a week and cycle to work and I really enjoy exercise.

I still dont see the big picture I was 15st 2lbs a year ago and I am now only 10st 4lbs but in the mirror I am not happy with the way I look or how I feel in clothes. I still see myself as big (even when I look at photos of me a year ago). Am I ever going to accept myself?

I have noticed that some old habits of picking at food and eating leftovers off my daughters plate are creeping back but as I am conscious of this I hope to keep control of it.

Anyway I am hoping I can do this second time around. At least I know I wont be in abstinance for hopefully more than 6weeks and I will do management properly this time (I really messed about last time).


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