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Contemplation of Restart


Fab & Fit For Florida
I am sitting at work tonight (god knows why i chose a shift swap, was working 10am-6pm and chose to swap to 6pm til 11pm... i know it means i get paid for 8 hours and only work 5 hours but i am now soooo tired!!!)

was at the football yesterday so still feel like i am recovering... so tired, my head is really sore and i am feeling sick, is that a migraine???

anyway, contemplating my re-start tomorrow morning... have still been having the odd shakes or bars but have been eating too... i haven't gained but need to stop eating and get focussed...

my main fear is i won't be able to succeed with my restart... i always said that this diet would be the making of me but the fear of failure is so great cos i feel like a failure with my struggles since the planned break from the diet in July...

where do i go from here guys??? some words of wisdom are needed xxx
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Hiya hun, remember this diet is 99% in your mind so do not allow yourself to consider failure, by considering it you are almost anticipating it if you see what I mean. Don't underestimate the power of positive mental attitude, believe you will succeed!



Fab & Fit For Florida
i want to succeed... i want to end up with a cheeky little picture like on your avatar... cracking legs girly xxx


Silver Member
Hi - I remember reading your posts when I was lurking unsure as to whether to start CD at all. You are one of the people that convinced me it was a good idea. I am now in week 4 and so far lost 18lb.
It makes me sad to hear that you feel like it won't work for you now! You are exactly half way there, so perhaps it was just half time break! So, what I am saying is stop thinking negative thoughts and just get back on track. You know you can do it - so do it!
I will look out for your post tomorrow saying what a good CD day you have had!!
Take care
Go for it Sara! Like Georgie has said, believe in your ability to succeed and you will!! If you start to doubt yourself you are just setting yourself up to give in. You have already done SOOOO well - before you know it the time will have flown by and you'll be at goal.

Good luck hun
Love Kjxxx


Fab & Fit For Florida
oh debs you seriously brought a tear to me eye... if i feel i have helped someone get started on their cd journey then my goodness i am gonna continue with mine...

gonna have my last bit of food tonight when i finish here at 11pm and i am gonna get up early, get my washing done and start my restart day of CD...

i am more determined than ever, thank you sooo much guys... you have really helped xxxx
Sara, you can do it honey - you are half way through your journey - you have done so well so far and you can definitely do the rest of your journey! Good luck with your restart x


Fab & Fit For Florida
1 hour and counting till i finish work :) :)


has started again!!
Hope u r doing ok so far! U know u can do this, dont you! Consider this, you have only failed if you stop trying!!

I did stop trying and I have regained a several stones (not STS like you, WELL DONE!!) but, I have contacted my CDC & I am due to be back on the wagon very soon, once packs are sorted etc.

Keep your eyes on the prize, and you cannot help but WIN!!!!


Hey there

If you think you will you will, if you think you won't you won't.

Please think positively and get back on track. We will all be here to support you.
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Good luck - I am starting my 'restart' today as well. Lost 20lbs in first 5 weeks and have then had about 3 weeks off and managed to maintain. Now need to lose the next 20lb!!!

One shake and 1 pint of water down already.....

We can do it!!!!:)


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You know you can do this. You've been here before and once you get back in the groove there'll be no stopping you.
Pop on here for motivation if you're struggling. Good Luck.


Fab & Fit For Florida
thanks for all your support guys... i've just had my first shake of the day and feeling good bout the day ahead, taking it one day at a time..

had my banana shake, getting my housework done cos i have booked most of the week off work, except for tomorrow then not back in work til next tuesday...

made myself feel good this morning have put on my little denim skirt, long black top and my black uggs... so feeling good...

nothing is gonna stop me now... hope everyone is having a good day xxx


Fab & Fit For Florida
well if you want a little buddy sarah i'm here...

we can be Sara & Sarah - restart queens
S: 15st7lb C: 14st11lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 0st10lb(4.61%)
Can I join you 2? I have restarted today as well! Determined to complete my journey now... failure is NOT an option. We can do it!! xx


Fab & Fit For Florida
yeah the more the merrier wannabeslim

i try to drink between 2 and a half and 3 litres a day... i don't go too crazy with my water cos i can't cope with going to the loo all day at work xxx
S: 15st7lb C: 14st11lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 0st10lb(4.61%)
I do my water in pints and aim for half a pint every hour... not sure what that is in litres!

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