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Contraceptive implant & uncontrollable weight gain


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Hi Everyone - I need some advice or help if anyone can please. For the last 12 months I have been having issues with my monthly visitor, anyway after having every test done under the sun everyting has come back as ok so the doctor recommended that I have the implant to try & stop my periods (my last one lasted 32 days), I had the implant put in at the end of October & then I had to go to Canada for a couple of weeks with work, when I got back & went to get weighed I found I had gained 3 1/2 pounds - now I was expecting this as two meals a day were eaten in restaurants BUT since then (I got back on the 19th Nov) I have gained weight each week despite keeping a food diary & sticking to SW like glue, I have now gained so much I am out of target & if I don't get back into target next week I will have to start paying again. Does anyone know if this is normal with the implant? If it is will it settle down once my body adjusts so I can lose it again? Can SW help me out with the paying issue? I really cannot afford to have to start paying again each week only to find I have gained, it is really disheartening when you know you have stuck to it - I am only half a pound over target & am trying as hard as I can to lose at least that this week but last week after eating speed foods & scan bran all week I put two on so I am not very hopeful for next Monday.

Can anyone help or give me some advice? i don't want to stop going to group if I can help it as I have been at target & maintaining it beautifully since the end of August...:cry:
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i think they say like lots of the hormonal methods that it can increase your appetite, but if u satisfy it with free stuff it shouldnt be a prob, however like anything it sometimes take a little time foryour body to adjust. u sound to be doing all the right things re superfree etc, id say see how the next couple of weeks go, hopefully it will settle out. fingers crossed for u x
when i had mine put in the doctor did say lots of people put on weight as it can give you the munchies. it worked very well for a couple of months but now i won't stop bleeding! its day 12 for me and i'm getting fed up!


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I've heard that the implant makes you gain weight, regardless of munchies - your body thinks you're pregnant, or something, and so holds onto the weight to feed the baby that it thinks it's got.


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I have had my implant in for 18 months now, it did increase my munchies but i tend to snack on free foods, my weight has been stable throughout the 18 months and i've had no major gains (apart from the odd one when i have been naughty) i guess it different for everyone....I don't have a TOTM either maybe I'm one of the lucky ones...I do regret having it put in tho cos I'm worried sick about the day it has to come out again, i'm scared :s



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Aww hun, don't give up! You will get there if you keep at it. You just need to get your head in the right place again :(

Thanks everyone - I will see how it goes over the next couple of months, the plan (if it goes to plan) is to get back into target this week then maybe not get weighed for a month but I am going to speak to the leader & she what she says, I am planning on doing lots of dog walking this weekend & have been eating scan bran everyday, I also have not had any syns yet this week because we are out on Saturday night, fingers crossed it will work....


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i put on at least a stone and a half from pill/injection etc now i dont take anything that alters with my hormones but everyone is differently effected this different treatment - see how it goes :)
I'd recommend drinking more water (especially if you're eating lots of scan bran) and see if that helps things level out.


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My sister in law went on it after giving birth to her son and but on 3 stone which she didn't loose till she came off it? but she said it but her in an awful mood and so she was snacking to get happy i hope this makes sense lol
Been on the implant for 18 months or so and not gained any weight (and lost 1.5 stone this year while being on it all the time).

My advice would be to give it a chance, and also it may be that since you're now eating different things to try and 'counteract' the implant, your body is trying to deal with that too.

Food diary to your consultant this week would help!
I don't want anyhing to affect hormones again. Two stone heavier with no change in diet. I CANNOT lose it. I hav stuick to 1st WW, then Celebrity Slim, then SW. Still no weight loss. And I really ahve stuck to it. 11 months later and my body is far from back to normal. What is in that *****?

I have the injection and was told with injections and implants,for most people weight issues stop after 2-3 months,so may be worth giving it a try for a bit.I would say it made me put on at least 6lbs,but I am (slowly) losing it again with diet.I guess it depends on your body though,maybe it just doesn't agree with you,but I guess you need to wait a month or so longer to find out for sure! Good luck!
I'm gonna have mine taken out soon, cos we are hoping to hear the patter of little feet again for the 4th time around. Am I mad, hmmm I think i must be....rofl
There are plenty of advice sites and forums on the website. Nearly all talk about how much weight you can expect to gain on the injection. It says 10lb in 1st year, 18lbs in 2nd yar, and goes on for years 3 and 4.


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And I really ahve stuck to it. 11 months later and my body is far from back to normal. What is in that *****?
The injection is really especially evil because it persists in the body for so long even after discontinuation. Any side effects including weight gain will continue until it's been fully eliminated from your system. I didn't get my periods until 9 months after my last injection and only now with CD have I lost the two stone I gained with it.
In America they use it to chemically castrate sex offenders and in France they don't use it on humans at all, only cows.

I recommend drinking loads of water and going to the sauna lots to get rid of it :D
well I have been exceptionally good this week, even when I went out on Saturday I limited what I ate & drank, I saved my syns all week for it so we shall see what the scales say later - my WI is at 5pm, fingers crossed I will be back in target but if not I am not sure what I will do because it is going to get harder over the next few weeks with so many social things organised, oh well....:eek:

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