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Contributions to a letter to LT please!


maintaining since June'09
S: 15st9.5lb C: 10st13.6lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 24.8 Loss: 4st9.9lb(30.02%)
Hi Everyone!

I'm thinking about writing a letter to LT outlining the discrepancies between the information we've been given when we phone them AND in the info that we get from our pharmacies (though how the pharmacies can be consistant when they're not I don't know!)
I feel it should be brought to their attention how unsettling it is and that although we love the diet, when advice varies it doesn't inspire confidence.
Hopefully this might inspire them to at least come up with some definitive answers to the questions we keep asking and be sure their staff (and pharmacies) all sing the same tune!
If you think it's a good idea would you please either post what you've been told again in this thread or find your old post and copy it here. This will obviously make it a lot easier for me than scouring the board to find examples. I don't need to identify you if you don't want me to.
I am copying below what I was told and will include the gist of it.
All comments and contributions gratefully received. xx

"I rang LT this morning to ask about strawberry mousses. You see the making up instructions on the LT bags say you can make mousse out of choc or vanilla shakes but don't mention strawb. My pharmacy didn't know when I asked them so I decided to just try them, they were fine so I've been having ALL my shakes as mousses.

With my lousy loss last week I thought I'd better leave no stone unturned so - although I couldn't believe it could have had anything to do with it - I rang to check that making the strawb shakes into mousse doesn't add a few million calories to them ;) - or whatever ..... :p

ANYWAY!! The lady I spoke to said she didn't know why they weren't included in the mousse instructions and asked if I'd tried them. When I said I had and they were fine she said carry on then and that having them all as mousses would not affect my losses but to remember to have an extra glass of water as I wasn't having a shake.

I said that my water intake shouldn't be a problem as I have between 4 and 5lts a day.

SHE said - well you musn't have more than 8 pints. My heart sank - 8 pints?? I asked why and she said that if you drink more than that you will wash away all the nutrients and just wee them out.

But I said I was concerned that I'd be thirsty on only 8 pints and SHE said - well that's not including any you have in shakes and you can also have as much black tea and coffee as you like ..... (which I think answers that question of whether T & C is included in fluid intake - obviously not!)

So I came off the phone concerned that I was going to have to cut my water down when I really enjoy it and feel as though I need it!

So - to be sure, instead of guessing or doing it roughly, I found the conversion factor (which is x 0.568) got the old trusty calculator out and guess what? 8 pints is 4.5lts!!!!!"
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