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Convinced myself i can't do it anymore....


2012..my year2b a size 10
Have been on SS for three weeks now, i was doing really well but for the last three nights i've become a different person..i feel depressed :( I have no idea how or why but am constantly thinking of food.... i want to do this so badly but i honestly think i no longer have the will power. The other thing that is worrying me is what if i loose the weight but can't maintain...right now i could go to every fast food chain in manchester and eat...all in one day (ok, not possible, but i feel i could).. I've done so well... i have a WI 2mrw but am scared if it's not fantasticly great i'll stop by KFC on the way home... What if i stopped CD and started slimming world?? i know no one can wave a magic wand but i need either a push to keep me going or one mention of food to make me fail....help....anyone?? Please :cry:
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Your username is pretty apt. :) That's what the LighterLife people call that voice in your head - the one that's telling you you can't do this - your 'chatterbox'. :)

You can do this! Don't listen to that little voice - it doesn't know what it's talking about!

Now - tough love time - you won't always get fantastic losses every single week. You only have to scroll through a few posts here on the forum to see that. But what I can guarantee you - yes, guarantee! - is that if you stick to Cambridge 100%, you will lose weight fast - so very much faster than on Slimming World.

You're just having one of those days. It's not PMT talking, is it?

Go and do something nice for yourself. Have a lovely pamper in the bath, look in online catalogues at the clothes you're going to buy when you reach target, paint your nails...

And smile. Three months from now, all this agony will feel as though it's been so worth it!


Laugh in the face of food
I totally agree with Mini, keep going Hun!!! If you joined SW or WW your losses would be slower, it would all take longer and there's a serious possibility you'd lose heart and give up before you reach target, also with conventional diets there's the chance for bad choices to lead to you slipping off the wagon or having gains. CD takes all that out of the equation.

The total abstinence gives you the opportunity to address why you eat the way you do, boredom, comfort, habit etc and allows you to learn how to cope with these situations.

Please don't give up just yet, week 3 is a tough week, it's the week many people experience lower losses and target still seems a long way off but trust me this diet is worth it!!!

Good luck xxx


2012..my year2b a size 10
Thank you, both of you.
I had a rubbish loss last week...2lb but think it could have been something to do with a witch called aunt flo (TOTM).. I really do feel depressed but will see how i do 2mrw..i really hope it is a good loss, i know if it's not great i will give up.. i just feel like i'm doing this for rubbish losses..Hmmm... i hope i snap out of this 2mrw. I appreciate your posts,ladies... i need it. Thank you xx
you've had 3 great weeks. you don't need to spoil it now. stick with it and the weight will come off fast. you'll start feeling it soon and your dress size will go down and you will feel amazing.

just focus on why you are loosing weight. maybe look at your goal weight and up it a little bit to get you into a normal bmi 24.9. try looking at it in smaller increments too. aim to loose 3-4lbs a week as this is the average loss you should expect.

do not let yourself down by eating KFC, it is not worth it, it will knock you out of ketosis and all your hard work getting into ketosis will have to start again. no matter what you loose tomorrow think of it as a step closer to your goal. i once had 2 weeks where i lost nothing. i was so angry. the 3rd week i lost 8lbs. it does happen and it happens to the best of us out there. it happens to the 100%ers. focus on taking measurements, changing shape and dress size as well as the scales.

i've lost 5 1/2st and then 5 stone (after a pregnancy gain) on this diet.
Have you been taking your measurements? I think a lot of people find that when they have a small loss, they loose more inches? It happened with me the week I lost a measly lb, I measured myself and had lost 12 inches in total :)
Don't give up, you have come so far!!
You can do this, just keep in mind all the food you want will still be there when you reach your goal! Xxx


2012..my year2b a size 10
Surfhunny, i have just nosied through some of your pics and u look AMAZING!!!! I can't believe how different you look... so stunning too!!! I'd love to read ur diary..if u have one?? How long have you been on it for?


2012..my year2b a size 10
Great things, thank you sooooo much!! You have done really well too. I think i expected better losses..i always read up good losses in people's sigs...i guess it's better than no loss :)

Kel...i have lost 7 inches in three weeks around my stomach...i didn't think of it that way though.. thanks hon.... i think i will have to have another early night. Thanks for posting xxx


Laugh in the face of food
mrschatterbox said:
Surfhunny, i have just nosied through some of your pics and u look AMAZING!!!! I can't believe how different you look... so stunning too!!! I'd love to read ur diary..if u have one?? How long have you been on it for?
Ah bless you thanks Hun. Yeah I have a diary it's called Operation Showgirl and is in the CD diaries section somewhere lol. The first time I did CD I did a blog which you can read too, it's a lot more positive than my diary has been until recently. I think you can access that by my profile page.

Trust me Hun if you stick with this diet you won't regret it!!! I've bounced about for a year to 18 months on and off it and I regret every single time I gave up!! It can be very hard at times, I've struggled with weeks of low losses but in reality these losses were fine I just had huge expectations. The weigh comes off far better on CD than with any food based diet. And most people average out at a stone a month.

The body doesn't function on a weekly timetable, it has peaks and troughs as it tries to stabilise and adjust to it's new level of calorie in take, but in general 1stone a month is what most people lose on average.

My advice is to live day to day, don't think too far ahead or it seems daunting. But when it comes to smaller losses occasionally, think how much you'll have lost over the course of a month. :D


2012..my year2b a size 10
Thank you! I too have high expectations.. maybe i should be glad of A loss.. You have done so well..please give me some of ur will power hehe. I do suddenly feel like I can do this now. Your absolutely to take it each day..i have to teach myself to do this. Right off to read EVERY page of your diary :) Thanks xx


Laugh in the face of food
mrschatterbox said:
Thank you! I too have high expectations.. maybe i should be glad of A loss.. You have done so well..please give me some of ur will power hehe. I do suddenly feel like I can do this now. Your absolutely to take it each day..i have to teach myself to do this. Right off to read EVERY page of your diary :) Thanks xx
Ha ha if you read my diary you'll see that my will power comes and goes and I've had ups and downs.... Hmmm maybe I should read it again myself!!! Might do me some good to realise I'm in a better place now lol.
I can totally relate to where you are coming from...this is bloomin hard! BUT as I was previously on sw I still get emails through. Tonights was the 12 weeks challenge (sounds good hey...it says that you could lose a stone YEP A STONE IN 12 WEEKS)!! I thought I could actually lose THREE stones on cambridge :) Be at target and feel a lot better about myself.

Hope that helps with falling off the wagon into slimming world arms (I love slimming world) but never lost more than 1-2lb a week...I need faster results while my heads still in the zone.

***Gross** alert...but I thought I would tell you this just in case KFC is still calling. My little girl and I were really ill last week, sickness/diahreah (sp)? throughout week...my little girls nappies smelt so much like KFC it has put me off for life. Think how that smell gets you when you walk in...then think of nappy poop while feeling ill yourself.

Ha ha...see now you are cured from KFC :) best of luck


yummy mummy in the making
Hey mrs! I totally understand were your coming from and I'm scared of getting to goal and eating properly again, I have noticed that since being on cd I have really changed and I think it's because I'm not eating properly! Very moody and can change my moods in a flash , my Jay agrees it's lack of food that doing it we have argued more the last month than in the last 3years!
I've just measured myself because my half pound loss last week devastated me! And to be honest I had a bad chocolate attack thursday evening and had a bar, I also still can't drink enough water! Anyway vie lost 10 inches all over in the last three weeks! My knickers are hanging off me and my bras are getting loose! Jeans are falling off me and last night in bed I felt my hip bones! didn't think I had any!
All I'm trying to say really is try stick it another week your doing so well and the changes are just round the corner! Plus your my weigh in buddy and I need you! I can't do this alone! please please!!!!
What ever we see on the scales tomorrow shall. Both give it 100 percent this week? And then if you still feel like giving up at least we can say we tried xxxx
The other thing that is worrying me is what if i loose the weight but can't maintain...
Tell yourself now that you're going to do this diet to the letter. So that when you get to the 1000 calorie plan (and you will, if you commit, LOL), that you'll follow that plan just as rigidly as you are Sole Source. And that you'll go up all the steps exactly as it says in the book.

Because by the end of all that, you'll be in a much better place to keep the weight off for good. Honestly.

It's all a learning curve so you're not going to get it absolutely right all the time. But neither do naturally slim people. They have meals where they overeat too - but they cut back at the next meal. We can learn that behaviour too.

But one step at a time, okay? :)
Hope todays weigh in goes well - but be pleased with however much you lose - weight loss isn't linear it comes and goes in fits and starts, but like others have said - if you stick to it you WILL lose the weight - and much faster than any other diet. I started this at the end of September (28th) and weighed 19 st 9 (there i've admitted it). My friend started WW then weighing 13 and a half stone. We had a day out on Saturday and she asked me how much i weighed now - 12 stone 7 - and her weight - just over 12 stone. She was thrilled for me but you could see the look in her eyes as she realised the difference. Another month and I'll be lighter than her, a month after that I will be at goal and she will still have another stone/stone and a half to go - and we have both stuck 100% (except for 2 weeks for her) to our respective diets! I know which results I prefer. Not saying it has been easy but the first3/4 weeks are tough becasue the CD is extreme and it takes a while to physically see the loss - which is why taking measurements is such a good idea.

Sorry i witter on too much - finally - My CDC says don't look at the weekly loss - always look at the total loss - you are 11 lbs down in just 2 weeks (even if that stays the same this week thats an amazing loss).

Good luck - let us know how your weigh in goes ;-)
Thinking of you too Mrs C hope you get the results you wanted xx
come on..... what's the score then?

do not ever feel down hearted or upset about a lower loss either. just try to enjoy your journey.


yummy mummy in the making
Waiting mrs c to hear about your weigh in after my half a pound last week I've lost three and a half this week. We can do this!!!!


2012..my year2b a size 10
Girls.......... i feel so ****!! I only lost 2lbs, was so gutted that i came out of there and went straight for a burger :( wtf did i do it?????????! Am such an idiot....even after eating that i didn't get any pleasure AT ALL!! I really wish i'd listened to u all...am so sorry and thankful for ur words but sorry i ignored it all..although i didn't mean to...last night i actually went to bed with the 'i'm gonna do this' head thanks to these msg's...but i was gutted with my loss...still am... Am thinking maybe this diet isn't for me..BUT i bought a weeks supply, telling cdc i'd start the 810 but am still so disappointed! God i know i sound like a full on drama queen but it's really got me down.... Any advice?? What should i do now? last 2 weeks i've lost 4lbs al2gether...that's crap! Should i try something else or keep at it?? :(

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