cook books ?


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The 50 Free Food Feasts is a good one. Also, the Saucy Secrets book rings the changes cos it gives you loads of choice on meals to make with your chicken, beef etc... If you're doing EE, the EE cookbook is a must. My personal favourite is the One Pot Wonders book - dead easy to make and my family love everything I've done from it. Hope that helps! xxx


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I have the one pot wonder book and its awesome :) making something from it right now.


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I've just bought the curry feast book, looking forward to eating some recipes from that :D:D


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I also highly recommend the extra easy cook book. The recipes are simple and so tasty! Another book I love is a Gordon Ramsay book called Healthy Appetite, its my absolute fave and the pages are all dog eared from using it so often! I also love From My Mother's Kitchen by Jenny Linford, its a lovely simple cook book with delicious everyday dishes. Love it!

Ooooh edited to add another great book! Indian Everyday; Light Healthy Indian Food by Anjum Anand. Fabulous curries and amazing ideas on how to make low fat versions of your fave curries, dips etc. I make a mackerel curry from this book that DH can't get enough of!
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i just bought the world of flavours one and there seem to be a load of recipes tht I would love to try


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I would also recommend the EE cookbook. My family and I have loved everything that we have tried from it. I bought the World of Flavours book this week (we will be having our first meal from it tonight). I will be buying the One Pot Wonders book next week....


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The Saucy Secrets book is £2.95, the One Pot Wonders is £4.50, the Extra Easy cookbook and 50 Free Food Feasts are £4.95. Well worth the money for what you get! xxx


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really recommend the extra easy, the recipes are so easy a lot of them you can bung in the slow cooker, at least 4 of them we now have on a regular basis