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Cooking for anyone who will eat.. strange!

Hi all,

These past two weeks I have gone completely cooking mad.
I am not tempted to eat any of it - but get genuine pleasure from cooking new recipes I have found (or gone hunting for) for my partner and anyone in the vicinity really.. LOL

I think it must be my way of still enjoying food without eating it. Not sure how healthy a facination it is though?

Anyone else come across this?

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Ooh, yes! I have always liked cooking, but now love it even more. Not entirely sure why but definitely get more out of it!


The Diet Guy
I cooked more when on the diet and more creatively when doing the diet.

I thought I might not be able to eat it but I can sure as hell touch it, smell it, buy it and cook it!

Jo used to come in from work to some really posh meals!

Also I think it is good as it means you don't suddenly have to deal with food when you finish as you still see it everyday.

Glad to see I am not the only one.
My OH thinks this diet is the best thing since sliced bread (ummm ... bread!) because he never knows what I am going to cook next and with my heightened sense of smell - I appear to be a better cook than previously.
So yes, I suppose it is a positive thing all round.
Thanks for the replies guys.

Angie H

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God I cannot believe it. I am exactly the same. My family are all in shock - I have passionatley always hated cooking. I asked everyone in my group about it and they all looked at me like I am mad. I don't want the food either !! I put it down to still getting some comfort from food !! and also the SMELL !!! Love smelling food - have completely lost the plot or what...


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Another mad one here, I did the same!

And I know it was bad, but my word my daughter got some great treats while I was abstinent! Every time I felt like 'treating' myself, she got the treat instead! I really had to sort out my head around that one. Christmas came every day for her for a while there.

My hubby also really liked me being on LL. I am vegetarian and so I cooked him and my daughter meat meals while I was abstinent. He loved it.


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So glad its not just me!! The last time I was on CD I couldnt stop cooking either, not just for family but ended up suppliying Bacon & Egg pies and Cheese & Onion pies as well as humungous pots of chilli etc etc etc for our locals pool team (hubby is a member) I never stopped!
I assumed that I had this newly discovered love for cooking as a sort of, 'If I cant eat it at least Im involved with it' sort of thing. I never want to eat after Ive cooked anyway!

We should advertise this fact methinks, happy families and we keep on losing!!!:D
Me too!!! I really enjoy cooking dinners (and even making sandwiches) for my family! My husband must have felt like he was in food heaven with what I cooked for him. He still feels a bit guilty because I could not have any of the meals - especially the dishes I had never tried before! lol

Also, we had no takeaways in the past 15 weeks I have been on LL because I have been cooking most days! I used to be too tired/lazy to cook - but now I seem to have more energy for cooking! I just love it!

I even bought a few new healthy cookery books to try different dishes for the family. I just find it exciting! lol
I love to cook but so far I haven't even attempted to cook anything for my better half. The reason for this is simple; I have to taste while I'm cooking. I don't mean continual grazing but it would be impossible for me to produce anything that wasn't basic without being able to dip a spoon in to check seasoning or whatever.


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Lots of people i know on LL and CD have done the same!!!!

I use to want to cook really healthy home made for my family and OH - where as when i'm eating normally we tend to eat more rubbish .......... strange eh???!!!!!!!!!!


has started again!!
Me too!! Just the same, obsessed with cook books, not buying as much junk as before, happy to make cakes (a little healthier than shop ones) and bread etc etc.

My LLC said its very common and called it transference, i.e. our need to consume is now transferred to our nearest & dearest, in the form of cooking for them. She warned me to be wary of it!

I have calmed down quite a bit now, but am still happy to cook for them. (I do avoid Sunday roasts tho, as OH is happy to take kids to MIL, as she always cooks for about 13 on Sundays (used to be 14...sob sob).
I agree that it is a form of transference and while family and friends are benefiting it is something to overcome.

I had a friend once who suffered from an eating disorder (not quite anorexia but almost) and she used to be a chef. She lost loads of weight and when she did she couldn't wait to cook for people and bake for them. I went to see her one afternoon and she had baked a big plate of chocolate eclairs - they were perfect.

She didn't eat any but she watched us eat them - every move we made from plate to mouth and back again - it was bizarre!!

So I think it's best to get a bit of perspective on things - if you didn't particularly like cooking before having a total change of mind is to my mind a bit odd and suggestive of an addictive drive.
I miss cooking :(
I just don't think I could deal with it to be honest. I'm like hiddenfishcake, I'm a real taster when I cook and just can't imagine cooking without doing that!
Although I have to say I did insist on doing al of the food shopping for a picnic a fe weeks back, where I quite enjoyed buying food for everyone else to eat! Maybe that was my token transference gesture!
This post has made me think though about how my terror of food is growing, and that can't be a good thing surely? Maybe I should try a bit of cooking for others? :confused:


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Same here, I am cooking all sorts, I don't do desserts, never have, the most adventurous has been rice pudding, but the last few weeks my family have stuffed themselves not only on the totally new dinners, but luxury baked vanilla cheesecake with a shortcake base, dark chocolate gateaux and today we have roasted apples and pears in a berry glaze with homemade white chocolate ice cream

I have not stopped cooking, lamb and black pudding casserole with braised cabbage, chicken, chick pea and spinach curry, haiitan fish curry......................I could go on and I can't eat any of it



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I don't have anyone to cook for so it would be a bit of a waste but in the first 2 months I immersed myself in my recipe books!
I'm so glad I've seen this thread!

Everyone at work thinks I'm mad :eek: when I tell them about all the new things I've been cooking for my family (low GI muffins, oven roasted cod with a herb crust, banana parkin...), and all the appliances that have been retreived from the garage :eek: and put back in to service (bread maker, food processor...) but now I know it's not just me! ;)

Thanks!! :D :D

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Its a relief to know there are others out there going crazy too. I'm up till after 11 making all sarts of fantastic things. The kids think I've gone mad.

I made a batch of pancakes and yorkshire puddings for the dog the other day.

Its all from my old weight watcher books I never used to use.

My OH has lost half a stone! He's only got another 2 and a half to go now.

I must say I'm really enjoying it.

I think part of it is having more energy and not wanting to slob around in front of the TV at night.


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I had a post recently about finding my joy in cooking again. This transferrence must really be true, I seem to be cooking for my family and treating them all the time. I'm not making them bad food, but now I will really watch myself and make sure that I'm not pushing my wants onto them. This has really given me food for thought. I'm off to research this on the internet now!

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