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Cooking for the family

Does anyone find themselves cooking things for the family you don't like?:D:D

i'm making spaghetti and meatballs for tea tonight....i can't stand it:(

yesterday i did chicken tikka and rice with string beans YUCK.....can't stand any of it:(
Tomorrow they are getting sausage caserole....can't stand sausages:(

or is it just me?
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hahahahhahahahaha!!! very productive way of not tempting yourself! lol

I find im cooking things my family do like! my brothers are constantly asking me to cook their tea - allbeit sometimes just an omlette (i think they think im their slave now i have decided i want to cook constantly! lol) and i am always asking my bf what he wants cooking for tea etc.

Like last night i made my bf a spicy tortilla lasagne. Smelt divine!

And am always baking scrummy naughty foods lol

So no, i cook things they like lol and the things i cook that they have never tried i hope they like! lol
No I like most things I cook, my daughter loves beef stew and dumplings and lasagne which I love and that is why I am on LT lol x


Here we go again!
I'm also cooking things I love to eat but don't mind that I can't have any. I will make more when I have finished and watch my portions.
I cook whatever they want. The food doesnt bother me and I know that the food isnt going anywhere, it will be there when Im finished dieting, it will be there when Im old and gray ( actually thats now hmm:rolleyes:) So, I cook just about anything.
Hey Summergirl, I still adore cooking, like you. I get very disappointed if my OH tells me I don't have to do him a dinner!! Mind you, he sometimes get so involved in making music on his Mac, he sometimes forgets his dinner is on the table.......that's when I get the hump!!!:flamingmad:


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lol supa!!!! i too get annoyed! i asked him last night what he wanted me to cook the weekend for his dinner (as we dont live together he spends weekends here with me) he told me to chill out its 5 days away yet! hahaha
ha ha

some great responces

i love to cook and bake and my family eat anything i cook, but i'm mega picky so there's certain things i don't cook very often.......so i'm cooking those meals at the minute......won't be long before i have to cook something i love live lasagna or meat and potato pie yum yum,

anyway i do agree the food will be there after i've finshed as well


Slowly but surely!
I find myself cooking things I loved just to smell them lol My kids will eat anything though lol
i'm so impressed at all you who have to cook for others. i genuinely believe if i had had to do that i would have failed on LT.

However, 7 weeks in (WI 7 tomorrow, yay!) - and with absolutely no intention of cracking before I get to goal - and i'm about to start asking my friends if I can cook for them! i live on my own and before this I cooked from scratch all the time, so I really do miss it.

Am going to stay with my mum for bank holiday weekend and I've already told her I'm taking over the catering, lol!
I am with Elle-Emm I think I would definately of cracked if I cooked the same things as usual.

When I started I went shopping with my OH to buy all the things that I hate that he loves so it would not tempt me like anything with peppers and mushrooms in. Plus its a bonus as he is learning how to cook now :D.

Maybe I will get the bug for cooking again soon.

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