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Cooking !!!!


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Ok so, all i want to do is COOK!!!!
I have this strange obsession with cooking programmes, making food for people and cooking meals! Am i weird?! lol My bf thinks i am mad being able to cook food and watch food programmes but yet not want anything - i just say its down to determination!! lol

Any of yous found this aswell? Or are you finding it hard to cook/prepare food etc

I am making pasties tomorrow for my family and cant wait to get stuck in making them! Am also going to take up a cake making class (if only i could find some where i live!)

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OMG I am exactly the same! Ive been baking, I made the kids fairy cakes on my niece's birthday, I made a massive quiche... Im gonna make a big chocolate cake tomorrow.
It honestly is my coping mechanism... coz I cant eat Im feeding everyone else... lol... or maybe secretly Im just trying to fatten them up so that when Im slim they'll all look huge... *evil laugh*


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hahahahaha!!!!! subconconciously maybe you are! haha!!
It's a good coping mechanism though i think! I havnt once felt hungry since i started - sure iv had belly rumbles but nothing major!!
Cooking is our therapy!!! ha


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ooooh i want to learn to make chocolate sponge! :)
Once i have finished uni (20th may here i come!!!!) that is when i am going to start cake making!!
Let me know if you find a good one - i will add it to my home made cook book!! ;) lol I am taking this waaayyy to seriously! lol


One last chance
Story of my LT life! LOL

I've been cooking so much! I've cooked egg fried rice, chocolate cake, chicken curry, so many kinds of foods! I love to cook!
I dont cook as me and OH are both on LT and only us two here, but I know that I am mad looking to cook. I think its a natural way to think that food is still in your life. From your born your taught to eat to keep you alive and healthy. I think its just a human coping strategy. Dont miss filling the dishwasher up and emptying it though lol


It really does work! :)
Made my first venture to the kitchen to cook tea last night for the family. It's my normal activity, but since starting LT this week, I'd been trying to avoid it.

I'd just got into baking with my little girl too, but I doubt I could handle the temptation when baking (I'm a real sweet tooth!).

I found it quite easy not to nibble, but I hope this obsession with cooking isn't a sign of things to come.....or maybe it's a way of dealing with things you can't have! lol


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
I don't bother cooking really. My mum sorts herself out when she's hungry and as I only live with her, there's no one else to cook for. :eek:(


I will be skinny again!!!
Im not a big cooker!

But next week my boyfriends parents are going away so he wants me to come and cook for him and look after him.. So this will be the test lol!!
Let him cook for himself lol
Does he know how to use the phone?? There are enough take aways in Glengormley to give your a heart attack in one night lol The Kyber is goooooood though lol


I will be skinny again!!!
hahaha!! I think I would kill him if he ate so many takeaways infront of me :)

Although im dreading it because last time the pizza was a little bit cold (even though all the cheese was melted and started to go golden brown) and I havent lived it down :(
I would have stuck it in the microwave to heat it up lol


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haha chelly not as bad as what i did!

i cooked a pizza in the oven with the polystyrine base on still!!!!!! hahaha


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haha he didnt realise untill half way through though and only when me ma went to put the rubbish in the recycling bin did she ask where the base was .... oops!!!! lol

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