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corn on the cob????

Top of my head.. i dont think it is free on a red day. But it is on EE and green days. If i remember rightly pea's, parsnips, sweetcorn, isnt.

Someone double check, i dont do red days.

Baby corn on the cob is, but I don't think normal sized is? Doubt it, baby corn probably is cos you eat the whole thing, corn on the cob is just the same as eating sweetcorn.
Haha still confused???
I normally do green or EE but I had a fat week last week so need to lose few exra ppounds this week! I think red might be better for me as I'm not carb overloading! !
I know, Jennyonaplate, but SW see a difference.

Product Extra Easy Original Green
Sweetcorn, baby whole, raw/cooked without fat, 100g Free Free Free

Sweetcorn, corn on the cob, raw/boiled, no added butter, average each Free 7 Free

Sweetcorn, kernels, boiled/canned, 28g Free 1½

Which is also why sweet corn isn't superfree.
Baby corn hasn't grown long enough to make loads of sugars and starches like regular sweetcorn, which is why it tastes different... I guess that's the difference?
I would think it's more to do with the fact that you eat it in it's entirety? So much more fibre?
Superfree foods are worked out by their water content and their calories (so fill you up on next to mo calories), it has nothing to do with fibre, or anything else. If it contains lots of fibre then it'll have a little 'f' next to it in the book, but it doesn't determine whether it's a free or superfree food.

The only part of the plan that's concerned with fibre are the healthy extras.
OK, fair enough, I was only supposing! lol The question wasn't whether it was superfree, but whether it was free on red (which I know boils down to the same thing). No need to get excited. I'll try to stick to single word answers next time.
Not excited, just explaing what makes it freeor superfree. Surely we're all here to learn. It's how I learnt.
Funny, I was thinking the same ; )
oooh, nice change, Jenny ; )


Just doing it this time
I love love love corn on the cob - but I do red (mostly) - no, corn on the cob isn't free.

BUT silly as it is - pile it high with superfree (1/3) & it's free - even if you put it with a piece of chicken and you cut your heb to one for the day (how fantastic is SW eh girls)!
mojomcl said:
oooh, nice change, Jenny ; )
I changed it because I thought I had read into it more than was intended.

I don't expect someone to suggest i'm getting excited if I clarify a point about fibre making things free or superfree food.
ho hum. Each to their own. Personally I like to address the OP's query when I'm using forums, rather than apprise others on similar points. But I too am always eager to learn. Which is why I'll stick to answering questions, where I feel fit to :)

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