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Cost and newbie question


I will do this!!!
Its between £27 and £36 per week depending where you go


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i get LT for £36 a week so £144 for four weeks.

Ketosis is when ur body has stopped burning energy from the carbs u eat and start getting its energy by burning the stored fat stuck to the gloopy bits of ur bod - you know when ur in ketosis when ur appetite becomes dulled if not deadified completely - ur breath can sometimes smell a little like diabetic breath [pear drops sorta smell] and u feel like u are more alive than u have ever been before - more energy - mood lifted - no sluggishness.

In short - Ketosis is da bomb!!!!


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I have had ketosis before - did the atkins and got down from 12st to 11st1 - thanks for clearing it up for me :D


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no worries hun :D
£36 for ladies, more for men, here in Hampshire.

58-62 quid here in n-ireland!!!!
Get it while its cheap!!
Phillip whereabouts are you??

Im in NI too, and I pay £44!
I am not sure, I thought it would have been the same!

£44 a week for a new me?? Thats nothing! I have nothing else to spend my money on anyhow now lol, I have no kids, I cant buy clothes yet as there is no point, wont head out for a night just yet, and my brilliant OH is going to buy me a new wardrobe at the end lol!

It will allll be worth it!
45 pound per week here in belfast n-ireland! its quite exspensive, especially since i'll have paid about £630 pound before i get to target weight :(
its a food replacement very low calorie diet.. u drink 3 packs a day instead of meals.. and u arent allowed anything else except water green/peppermint tea.
Madhousemum, I'm from North Hampshire, Basingstoke.


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