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I pay 65 euro a week!
was told not to buy off ebay incase there tampred with!
I only pay £36 a week at my pharmacy.


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I paid £36 hun i think tht the average! thats from my local pharmacy though and i wouldnt personally buy them off ebay but i dont know xx


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hiya, i was paying £31.50 until i changed to CD 3 weeks ago.
DO NOT buy from ebay .
A) u have no idea if the powders have been tampered with to make a profit from adding bulk.
B) if u look u will also find that the cost is horrendous.
This is mainly due to the fact that ppl who cant get lipotrim by the usual methods are forced to bid against each other on ebay (ie: ppl who suffer from bulimia/ anorexia or even ppl suffering from high blood pressure or certain organ conditions). Because if their desperation to obtain a vlcd the price can be double its normal rrp.
Good post Cheryl xx


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I pay £45 p/w in Northern Ireland,it cost me £30 in Rotherham where I used to live,as Ive said before,it seems to be up to the individual chemist as to how much they charge.Lovely wee earner for them.I asked my Chemist as to why they charge so much compared to what I paid in England and they said that they provide a much better service and that its always been the same amount...x
Sure, are you really paying 65 squid, thats outrageous have a word with em for a discount ;)
Hi all,

I pay £36 and my partner pays £48!! :eek:

Seems a lot, but I now only do a "mini" shop for my daughter, plus we've saved as we don't buy take-outs anymore...

Could do £50 a weekend in easy on take-out before LT!!

x x
i pay €65 too, seems to be same price all over southern ireland, sure im not buying food...good swap!
My thoughts exactly!!! Id spend more than that on food a week and it was all a waste! So as well as losing weight Im also saving money:D


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Wher abouts in southern irl are ya?

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