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Extra Easy Costa/Starbucks as HEXA

Morning all
I just have a quick query; if I use my milk as a HEXA can I have a Costa/Starbucks with this? I usually have a small skinny caramel latte, and I know I have to syn for my syrup, but can I use my HEAX as my milk?

I have been doing this for a while and loosing, but dont want to continue if its not really allowed!

Thanks :D
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I do everyday, I work in a costa, you're better having a cappuccino than a latte as it's less milk... and if you have starbucks have their sugar free syrup which is free!!
Brilliant!!! Thank you :) I have yet to find sugar free caramel though :( Boo! I am slightly addicted to Costa/Starbuck. Peachy, can you experiment for me today - can you try caramel cappuccino for me pretty please? :)

Thanks all!


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Jaylou that's exactly why and would be more milk, starbucks make theirs slightly differently to costa but generally you triple the size of the milk, a latte (from costa) should be milk with 3mm of foam on the top, a cappuccino should be a 3rd coffee, 3rd milk and a 3rd foam, this is costa standards and all barista's are fully painstakingly trained in this-possibly one of the most boring days of my life!!!

Sunnies I don't like caramel it's too sickly, I have gingerbread at work but when I go to Starbucks I have sugar free hazelnut which is lovely and always a cappuccino cos I love the foam.

A tall/primo is the only size as a healthy extra tho, you would have to syn the rest if bigger, the cup sizes are 12, 16 and 20oz - not sure what that translates to in mls. Hope this helps
Peachy, can you tell me about the decaf?

I can't have caffeine & am wary of getting decaf incase it's not decaf!!!

I'd love to have a decaf cappuchino, yum!


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