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I pay £37.80 for 21 sachets thats a weeks worth at 3 meals a day.


EDIT to say of you are above a certain hight (I don't know what height.) then you need 4 sachets a day which costs £50 something pence.


Cambridge Consultant
It just depends what you buy really.. The tetras (ready made carton)and bars are more expensive than the sachets.

I think I pay 1.95 per tetra/bar
and 1.70 for the sachets.

Just depends what you choose each week.
Thanks Mrs Scoffalot

i'm 5.7


Skinny girl in a fat body
I pay £39.90 for 21 of anything. All my CDC's things are the same price - £1.95. I must say though I don't think the pricing is fair. I buy all packs (ie. soups and shakes), never buy bars and very very rarely buy Tetra's. CD is very expensive (in my opinion) and the cheaper I can get it the better!


Cambridge Consultant
Wow thats a lot Mia..
I pay for what I have. why do you have a set price for 21 things I dont think thats fair.. Ask if you can pay individually it would work out so much cheaper for you!


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I pay £1.80 per meal, whatever it is (apart from the tubs, which are about £6 I think). I personally think that's good value - think how much you'd pay for a lunch out (I work for a council, and a hot lunch there is £3.25 - and that's subsidised).

For that, I also get at least half an hour to an hour of 1-to-1 counselling - that's about £40's worth of therapy! (And it really is therapy too, from someone who's done the diet, and has received the CDC training.)

LighterLife costs twice as much, and then you have to put up with that group therapy stuff (I don't want to sit round and discuss my flab with a crowd! :confused:).

I don't begrudge paying for foods that are palatable to me, and for the great support I get. It's also the only diet that's ever really worked for me - and that's priceless! :D

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