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Cough Medicine

I've been feeling pretty rough for the past week or so. I've had a horrible nasty chesty cough and was searching at the chemist for a cough remedy that I can have without being kicked out of ketosis.

In short, after searching for 45mins and looking at labels, ingredients (and close to being kicked out of the chemist!) I decided that I needed to take some medicine regardless of whether I remained in ketosis or not. I'm asthmatic so I was keen to prevent the onslaught of a chest infection.

So, imagine my surprise that after 4 days of taking the medicine which is loaded with sugar, I am still in ketosis :D

I'm not condoning anyone to go wild on sugar but it's good to know that with some individiuals the effects are not that drastic. I remember searching this forum last week and just wanted to see posts regarding medicine and strepsils etc and only finding out that sucrose & strepsils are a big no no.

Also, please, don't shoot me down as I'm only sharing my experience with you. Anyway, hope that this post can help some of the others that are suffering with various coughs or sniffles.
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Different people's bodies have different reactions to carb and sugar intake while in ketosis. For some the merest hint can punt them straight out of it, but for others they have a higher tolerance. It's really nice that it worked for you and you clearly made the decision to take the medicine based on your health rather than for a sugar kick, so I don't think anyone can fault you!

That said, unless you're absolute desperate or have a pre-existing condition I wouldn't suggest anyone with a cold "test the waters" by trying out the sugary medicine - two weeks of waiting to get back into ketosis and having no bars can be a bit of a nightmare! ;)

For those struggling through colds, you can pick up sugar free and citric acid free strawberry flavoured Strepsils from Boots that will most definitely not kick you out of ketosis.
Thanks for your reply Pandora. I bought sugar free strepsils but they have citic acid in it? They were also strawberry flavoured!
They do? That's very strange - perhaps they're an old "recipe"? I bought a pack a few days ago and they contain "tartaric acid", but not citric.

They really shouldn't have citric acid as the reason the sugar free ones exist is for diabetics and people who suffer citric acid triggered migraines!

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