Could anyone recommend?. .


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Not sure quite how to help- but water retention is quite normal at the time of the month. I know it does not seem normal- but try drinking MORE water and cutting down on salty food. Remember also, that when dieting lots of protein gets broken down in the body which means that lots of water will stay in for a little while- but will eventually go away.

So I suggest- avoid Salt- which you will find lots in processed foods- and if recipes require salt- try using another spice for flavour instead

Bananas are meant to help too because of high potassium content

Eat lots of natural diuretics- BUT NOT caffeine based one- e.g cranberry juice and lots of vegetables have natural diuretic properties

Treat yourself to 'live' yoghurt- helps with bloating

Hope I helped :)


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Hey darkangel :)

Thank you so much for the advice.
Have Just been shopping and brought some yoghurt and juice :)
Have been drinking lots of water so hopefully in time I won't hold on to as much :) x

Thanks again xxx

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The only way is to drink lots of water and try to reduce your salt intake as that gives you water retention so try to fill up on lots of fresh fruit, try and add salad to your meals and up your intake of water or no added sugar squash...xx


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As already mentioned, keeping an eye on your salt intake should help things :) xxx


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I get a lot of bloating, pre-cycle, cycle and post-cycle, everytime I get weighed I'm bloated! I drink lots of water and dont take much salt and it really doesnt work for me, vegs usually make it worse too. The only thing that helps a little is probiotic yoghurt drinks, I do have IBS though which causes most of it, hopefully the drinking lots of water and salt reduction will help, if it doesnt try the yoghurt drinks, I think they are 1-2 syns though, have yet to find a syn free one though. Good luck