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Could cry


She's me in a few months
Hugs honey, is the witch due?


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What week are you on? 3 or 4? Loads of people have 0 weeks at that time - I'm looking at one myself this evening when I have my weigh in.

Yes it is annoying but as long as you have stuck to the plan you WILL lose weight. It is impossible not to. Just keep going and next week it'll catch up.


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have u had much movement downstairs? (dont answer if you dont want to).
i find that constipation a few weeks in is a bugger!!! basically if you are constipated your body retains water. this then shows on the scales.

if you need help use the fibre supplement from your cdc, it really does help. BUT do not start using if you are already bunged up, clear that first (with a laxative) then start the fibre. using it whilst constipated will not help but make it worse!

i hope this helps and sorry if tmi for some peeps xxx


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Keep at it - there are weeks where you lose in inches but not in weight. Be assured that it all works when you stick to it.
:) look at me - worlds worst dieter and here on CD I have lost nearly 5 stones since September and I am over the moon!


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Thanks everyone.

Going to keep at it and hoping for a big weight loss next week.

It is TOTM so maybe that is part of it and not going to the loo as much as I would like.


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Keep going hun, If you stuck to the diet 100% there is no way you could not have lost any weight. If will probs show its self next week. Kegp going your doing fab :D xxx