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Could do with some support, don't really know what else to do...

I've been on the plan since September and I've lost 2 stone 1.5lbs which I'm made up about! BUT I'm bulimic, and I'm CONSTANTLY battling with it, if I stick to plan then I'm fine, but as soon as I slip up it leads to bingeing and being sick all week, it's a vicious circle and I'm just finding it really hard to deal with right now.. a few of my friends know about it, but I feel like it's a big burden on them, and kind of feel bad talking to them about it all the time??

I'm sure alot of you can relate to this, as you all know what it's like to fall off the wagon and then you have a bad week of eating nothing but crap, I'm the same except I'm throwing everything up :(

I'm going to do Camp America in June, and all I'm doing is worrying myself about getting into a cozzie, or about how my weight or the way I look is going to ruin my time there :(

I'm sorry for the big essay but I'm feeling really low and I didn't really know what else to do
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Hi, I don't think I can offer any constructive advice as I don't know enough about ED's. I frequently fall off the wagon and the only way to get back on is to have your head in the right place. Do you have councelling for your ED?


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Not sure what advice I can give but please try and talk to a professional about this if you haven't already. Nobody will judge you and they are there to help you and they have experience on how to. Good luck and really hope you get the help you need and have a fab time at Camp America. My friend went a good few years ago and said it was fab, she helped teach the kids sailing and other things then took time out to tour at the end before she came home. xx


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You don't have any weights and figures posted so my first thought is - do you really need to lose weight or does your ED say you do? Either way - and I'm no doc and am happy to be corrected - I don't think SW shouldn't be a way to control your bulimia. You need to get your thinking sorted out and then your weight will follow.

Are you in counselling? If not, I'd highly recommend it. I had counselling for depression brought on largely by low self-esteem (and we're talking looking up at the gutter, never mind self-esteem just being in it) and a lack of self-confidence. It was the best thing I've ever done.

Post and let us know how you're getting on.


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I see a councellor regularly, it's great to just go in and dump all your worries and stresses on someone else!
Thanks for the advice everyone :)

Harrie I'm quite over weight, which is why I've developed the ED, wanting to lose it SO bad

I'm gona look into counselling, I rekon it will help me alot, i just don't really know how to go about it? I've tried to talk to my GP about it but I always chicken out :(


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Try hard and pluck up that courage to go and see your gp and tell them how you are feeling and ask for a referal and they will point you in the right direction, take a friend along for support if you can. Good luck hun xx


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Definately and like everything, the first step is the hardest and you will never look back. Good luck hun x


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I can totally relate. I have mentioned in other posts. I have had an ED. The same as yours. I can relate to the guilt factor. Mine started in 2003. I had counselling in 2004. I did not relapse until 2008. I have counselling each week again. Now, I have to battle it in my head daily, to make sure I keep whatever I eat, even if it makes me feel guilty.

If you ever need a SW buddy, pm me on here and I will give you my personal email addy. I am not saying I have the answers, but I can relate fully to you.

Sophs xxx
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I cvan't add much to the thread but wanted to say good luck and you've come to the right place for support.

You can also see your practice nurse for a first person to offload your worries onto. If you have a good one she may come into the GP with you. Best of luck. xx

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