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Could somebody explain hi fi bars/cereal bars to me?

I have never had a cereal/fibre bar - however notice other posters have them as a HE X. I am doing red days at the moment and trying to cut down on potatoes so am considering trying these, however am unsure which to try and in what quantity!

I follow SW at home so would be grateful for some tips, also I am quite a plain eater and don't like nuts, but oats, raisins are fine. I tend to shop with Ocado, ASDA & Aldi, though have access to most places.

Thanks :D
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Hi-Fi bars are only available in SW groups so if you are doing it at home you wont be able to get them.

There are just a few varieties of off the shelf cereal bars that can be counted as a HEXB choice:

Kellogs Fibre Plus - 1 for a HEXB or 5/5.5 syns each (there are 2 flavours, the dark choc & almond is 1/2 syn more than milk choc)
Alpen LIGHT bars (there are non Light versions so be careful) you get TWO for a HEXB or they are 3 syns each
ALDI own brand Harvest Morn Less than 70 Calories bars - these are basically an ALDI rip off of Alpen lights - again 2 for HEXB or 3 syns each
Weetabix Oaty bars - 1 for a HEXB or 5.5 syns each.

They are basically snack foods and a slightly healthier option than a chocolate bar - and as they have syns or are a HEXB option that should help you decide what quantity to eat them in.

I'm not a fan of nuts in cereal bars either and all the ones I've listed are nut free.

These are the main ones I can think of, most other cereal bars have insufficient fibre to be classed as a Healthy Extra and are synned - you can work that out using the 1 syn = 20 calories rule as no free food allowance.
Thank you for the explaination - much appreciated.:D


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Weetabix Oaty bars - 1 for a HEXB or 5.5 syns each.
All the Weetabix Oaty bars are 3.5 syns with the exception of the toffee one (yummy) which is 4 syns. Personally I would syn them as they are so low in syns and use your HEB for something more substantial

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