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2nd time trying to lose weight with no success

Hi everyone,

This is the second time I have tried to lose weight. 2yrs ago I was 5ft 9 and 9 and a half stone, I felt great, I was eating healthy, out jogging every day and the smallest I had been in my life.

Two years on and I am now 12stone! I feel gutted, lots of things contributed to my weight gain including stress of exams which lead to binge eating (I am a very emotional eater) getting a new partner who loved to just sit and relax with takeaways and starting the contraceptive pill.

Everyone tells me I look good, but I dont feel it, especially after knowing what it feels like to be much lighter. I cant fit into any of my size 14 clothes and it makes me feel miserable.

I am also a VERY fussy eater, I started off trying to diet using oats for breakfast but it just wasn't happening, I was ravenous after an hour or so despite trying to increase the protein content by adding mixed nuts. So I have been following my own diet which consists of a banana sandwich for breakfast and lunch (i LOVE these) using seeded bread and a small banana, they actually keep me feeling really full which is a bonus. I usually have a ready meal of around 500cal for tea (I am always at work for tea so it has to be something quick and simple) I know these can be loaded with salt so try to look for low salt options. I also usually have a snack during the day of either a go ahead bar or a yoghurt or some fruit and everynight after work I always allow myself one chocolate bar (around 250 cals).

For the past month I have also been exercising quite a bit. I do Jillian Michaels 30day shred every day along with one of her other DVDs either burn fat boost metabolism or 6 week 6 pack, I then do 45-60 mins of step aerobics. Sometimes I watch tv for and our lifting dumbells and some days I will mix it up with jogging on the spot and boxing (i have a punch bag in my flat) instead of the step. On my rest days (usually 2 days a week) I will go a walk (around 4-5miles).

I really enjoy my exercise, I feel great after it and have found that i can use it as a vent for my emotions instead of stuffing them down with food, however, it has been a month now and the scales have only dropped by 1lb!!!! Arrrgghh!! Surely this cant be right! My diet is only around 1600cals which isnt too high for someone doing nearly 2hrs exercise a day. I also need my carbs in there because without them I just cant find the energy to move. I think I have definately toned up since my trousers are starting to feel baggier but why isnt this reflected on the sclae??? I also have a sclae which measure body fat percentage and this hasnt changed either, its soooo frustrating.

Sorry for the long post!!!
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Hi there. I really do not know what to advise as you seem to be doing really well calorie wise and exercise wise. Just wondering if its worth changing the ready meals? Maybe make something light to take to work with you. Maybe a salad of some description perhaps. Also how about changing the exercise. The body may have got used to the same 2 hour workout and it might be time to vary things. I do the think the issue will be the food and not the exercise. Is there an alternative to banana sandwiches that you might like. As I am guessing thats 4 slices of bread there and 2 bananas. Also is it possible to have the chocolate earlier in the day or not as regularly? Maybe substitute with an options/ highlights low fat hot chocolate every other day. That way you still get the chocolatey taste but not the cals and fat. Just ideas. Hope you start to see the results you want. Hugs x


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I know it's frustrating but try not to get too caught up on figures on scales/ body fat % etc. Just go with how you feel - if your clothes are feeling baggier then you're doing something right!

Also, you could perhaps try making something healthier than a ready meal to take to work with you? There's lots of quick simple recipes out there :)

Good luck!
thanks for the replies! well i took a couple days off from exercise and increased my calories and lost another lb so i guess i was overworkin my body!

i'm going to stick with my banana sandwich for breakfast, it keeps me going through my morning workout, i just dont seem to fill up with any cereal. then swap lunch for a chicken sandwich. I'll try think of some healthy meals to take to lunch and then swap my chocolate at night for yoghurt.

I will try cut down on my exercise but I crave it, I love that high feeling you get from exercising which is why I do it so much, I guess I didnt really see the 5 mile walk as exercise but more of a light activity to clear my head and keep me feeling refreshed lol

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Trust me - put the scales in the cupboard for a bit, and get a tape measure. Take measurements of your waist, thighs, tum etc. You are probably maintaining a lot of weight as you are exercising. You will see your body changing through the measurements.

When i started out i had a 40inch waist, lost only a few pounds and had lost 2 inches aroundmy waist.

Pilates is really good too. Hope this helps x
Maybe with the exercise you aren't eating enough?? So your body will be holding on to everything. Also up your water intake that could help

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