Could someone explain the 790plan for me?


Please, what does it involve? what can you eat on it & how much? etc etc whats the weight loss like?

I know Im a complete nightmare and only on my 4th day of s/s, I wont be able to do it, Im such a lightweight but I think because Ive got no killer ambition to lose weight that Im struggling more, I just cant stop thinking about food and need something to look forward to, Im already thinking about when could I possibly have my first cheat and get away with it..:eek: , and did so last night..oops had peanut butter on toast, not exactly good eh..

I know I dont want to do s/s anymore so even with encouragement (sorry guys), but rather than quit altogether want to decide what to do from here... would appreciate any advice anyone can give..

sorry again everyone seems to do really well on here but I know what Im like. x

Thanks Lizi xx
You have 3 cambridge Diets
1/2 pint of skimmed milk (which you can add to tea or coffee)
3 Tablespoons of Vegetables or salad from list
One of the protein options
Plus you must have minimum of 2.25litres(4 pints) fluids from water,calorie free and sugar free drinks

Protein choices

8 oz Plain cottage cheese
11oz of reduced fat cottage cheese (LESS THAN 2% FAT)
6 oz chicken breast without skin/fat
6 oz turkey breast without skin/fat
10 oz white fish eg cod haddock
260g canned tuna in water (drained)
190g fresh tuna steak
10 oz quorn pieces/mince

Vegetable and salad list

Green salad such as rochette,lambs lettuce,watercress,raddiccio,little gem or romaine lettuce.

Celery, cucumber or red radishes, courgettes or marrow, spinach, kale ,turnip or taro tops. Chinese leafy green such as bok choi or chinese cabbage.
Broccoli, cauliflower or any cabbage even pickled. Asparagas fennel or celeriac.

Cook protein choice in microwave,steam or poach in water. Dont add any fat or salt but you can add herbs,spices or a little stock. Alternatively sprinkle with fresh herbs, a squirt of lemon juice or balsamic vinegar wrap in foil and oven bake until tender.

Serve salads raw or with fat free salad dressing.

You should have a yellow book from your cdc calledWeight care with cambridge and if you havent had one i would ask for one as it has all the steps explained in there.


Lizi, there's no easy diet or easy answers, you have to decide whether you want to continue and in what way. But I would say that the first few days are the worst, until ketosis kicks in and the hunger pangs fade. That's why it's so important not to cheat at the beginning, carbs stop the ketosis happening. When you are in ketosis you should find it much easier, and you will have that either on SS or 790.
I'm on 5th week of 790. Lost 22lbs so far. I could never ever have done SS, and I must say that my dinner looks pretty good come the evening after a muffin for breakfast and a soup for lunch! I'm just glad there is an alternative to SS!
I started on 790 and continue on it. Its amazing the amount of tuna you are allowed! And cottage cheese!! I only eat half of the allowance of these 2 foods cos its so much!

I have lost 13lbs to date and have been doing it for 28 days. I think im a slow loser!! Lets see what week 4 weigh in brings! But 13lbs is better than a poke in the eye, eh!! I have had a steady 4lb loss weekly. I find it managable and quite easy to do, its also something to look forward to in the evening and I dont feel uncomfortable when everyone else is eating.
I also try and exercise I think you have a little more energy to burn doing it this way.
Hi Lizi,
Reckon it sounds like a good idea to give your CDC a call and talk over your options with her. 790 sounds good and the losses are so similar. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.