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Couldn't eat all ss+ meal is it ok?


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Hi, I had my first ss+ meal this evening and I couldn't eat all the fish. Does anyone else find the fish a really big portion? I weighed it at 190g but it was huge and now I feel yuk even though I left it after feeling I was getting full.

I really am not liking the feeling of food in my tummy and I feel as though I need to go for a run or swim to burn it off. Don't get me wrong I do not have a problem with food but this has really surprised me as I was really looking forward to a meal after 11 weeks of ss :confused:
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its even worse on 810.....i had my add a meal week on 810 and the portion sizes are huge!
I would just eat what you can hun


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As far as your body goes, then as long as you are having the 3 shakes a day (assuming you can SS), you'll be fine.

Psychologically, there might be more of a problem with your negative thoughts about food. That could need working on ;)


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gosh I envy you! I knocked myself out of ketosis after having a planned meal out on Sunday so am back on ss+ today and am so hungry! The cottage cheese and veg doesn't look like much right now at all. Glugging the water now though
I felt like this initially and found I was exercising massively to compensate. I do have issues though :)
The fish portion is huge, but you can split it throughout the day.

Know what you mean Eyeontheprize - I had a planned weekend off and am struggling today. Glugging water and focusing on getting back on track. I know I'll do it, but it is harder.


can see the end in sight!
definetely liz, and harder if you are closer to goal too!


loving life
Thanks girls, and thanks KD but believe me I definatley don't have any issues with eating food just a bit of a shock with how bloated it made me feel eating again for the first time in 11 weeks. I will take your advice and make sure I definatley get my 3 cd meals down me and then eat what I can comfortably of the 200 kcal meal xx

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