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Could've been worse....


Going for it.
Back from Center Parcs and have put on 3lbs. Well it could have been so much worse! Quietly relieved actually. :)

My efforts were helped enormously by being with friends who were into saving money in a way that I never am when I'm on holiday. ie they were happy eating lunch back at our cabin rather than out - which was a godsend. I am terrible - it doesn't take any persuasion at all for me to eat out if the opportunity's there.

So I quite happily had either a bar or a soup for lunch and my usual shmuffins for breakfast. We ate out in the evening and apart from the last evening when I did share a pudding with someone I generally kept away from anything too high carb. Made up for it by having a vat of red wine each night instead. Well - red wine is low carb. Sort of. :D

So that's one weekend down another to go - am up to London the weekend after next. Got tickets for Wimbledon - son's post GCSE treat. Will entail lots of meals out. :eek:

I am very lucky - I have lots of nice things happening in June and July. Makes sticking to Exante for any length of time a nightmare but my attitude is life is for living and when I can stick to Exante packs I will. When I can't, I'll be as sensible as the mood takes me.

I am still very motivated - I could really feel the difference this weekend. It felt fantastic being just that bit slimmer than only a few weeks ago. OH is also looking so much better. He's lost at least a stone and one and a half chins in the past 3 weeks. It's like going out with a new man. He's becoming rather gorgeous! Sorry, sorry - even more gorgeous!
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Hehehe...Lol to the comment about your OH!

Well Done Sorus - thats amazing! You did really well!! :)


Are We There Yet?
You have a very good attitude Sorus :) It shall take you far!x
Well Done - I like your attitude.
Keep up the good work


Are We There Yet?
lol!!! Got my head scarf and big earrings ready lol