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Counselling - Does it work?

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Hi everyone, I started on Celebrity Slim just over a couple of weeks ago and have done really well ...nearly two stone already:) I really wanted to join LL but having been made redundant couldn't afford it. However, went for an interview yesterday and (hopefully) will be working again shortly and have started thinking about LL again. As I say I have done really well on CS but firstly, it has a fairly high sugar content (and therefore is higher carb than LL) and secondly, the demons are still in my head urging me to eat even though I am not really hungry. I've decided that I actually don't enjoy food that much I just use it as something to abuse myself with:confused: So, my question I guess is whether it is worth paying an extra £30 per week to join LL so that I get counselling?

All advice very welcome x
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I don't know whether it works or not yet, but I have really enjoyed the group support and learning a lot more about why people over eat, so I think it's worth it for that. I guess it depends how much you have to lose. For me, I think it's going to take between 4-5 months for me to lose my weight so 20 x 66, but maybe if it's going to take much longer I would've thought differently. I still think I spend about the same on food now, especially when I think of going for coffee and cake, out for wine etc. so maybe I spend less even.

As I say, I have really enjoyed the learning part, and I don't think I'd have stuck to it for so long without the group support. I don't know anything at all about CS though, I just went with LL because it was recommended to me, and my GP really liked the CBT aspect.
S: 24st0lb C: 24st0lb G: 12st9lb BMI: 46.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks for the reply lala, I basically have around 10 stone to lose ....so would be on it for atleast 10 months i guess if not a bit more!
This question pops up now and again around here, and every time I say the same things; it will work if YOU make it work.

The counselling does not change your mind for you, you have to WANT to change, you have to ACCEPT that what the counselling tells you is right and your current mindset is wrong, you have to EMBRACE and not be afraid of making changes in all aspects of your life not just what you eat.

It works, but you have to do the legwork. But it's so so worth it :)
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Hi Longtallpolly,
I find the counselling is helping, makes me face issues with food I have blanked out for years. Used to binge (big style) and for the first time on any diet I'm facing the reasons why I have behaved like this.
Hope this helps and good luck!!
S: 24st0lb C: 24st0lb G: 12st9lb BMI: 46.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks a lot Pete and pinkclara, I do know what you mean and I do want (and need) to change. It is obviously working for you, and a lot of others too. I have decided to sign up once I am working again 'cos as well as the added advantage of the counselling I do feel a bit on my own at the mo as no-one I know has much of a weight problem so being with a group should help too.....watch this space!
You becha Polly

It works, with a couple of provisos.
Your head has to be in the right place to start. Something needs to have motivated you to want to do it this time.
A good counsellor really helps too.
Good luck. If it's important to you then you will make it work for you.
INmy opinion it is worth EVERY PENNY and more.
Today at work I was told I was the only one on my Team who will be receiving a letter congratulating me on my excellent attendance record (no sickness) during the year april to april. The year previous to that I was in danger of losing my job due to time off sick.!
Amazing, thank you Lighter life.:)
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That IS impressive slendablenda:) I think your weight loss is absolutely incredible and hope I can say the same about mine in a years time.

Jo B

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I definitely think it is worth it - I am only 5 weeks in so it's early days but it is really interesting. I am, by nature, fairly cynical, and I was a bit dubious to start with but wanted the group sessions so you didn't feel so "alone" in your journey. I have a really good group and (I think) a good counsellor. Some things I don't necessarily buy but a lot of it I can really relate to. I think with all counselling you take from it what you want and discard the bits that you don't agree with. Like I said it's early days yet but I think by the end of this journey I will have learnt more about myself and how best to deal with food.
Hope this helps


I Can Do This!
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I have to say that the CBT and TA has been valuable for me. I have now faced many scenarios where I would have completely binged out and instead stuck to LL 100%. I have some concerns about when I go back to food and start to feel hungry again, but I have confidence that if I follow the programme completely I will be able to face my food demons and win. Being with a group has also been incredibly supportive and some are still with me in Development. We have even arranged to get together for a bowling night at the end of June to see how we're all doing. A whole new set of friends!

One aspect I know I have completely overcome is the attitude that if food is free (ie included in hotel price or provided at works lunches, conferences etc) then I have to eat as much as I can. I'm sure this stems from my student days when I did live on a shoestring. Now I attend conferences and take my own lunch :D.

I haven't really taken to the Thought Records, but I am learning to recognise which ego state I'm in and whether that is being helpful or not. I have definitely benefitted from the counselling.

Good luck on whatever you decide.

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Thanks for the reply lala, I basically have around 10 stone to lose ....so would be on it for atleast 10 months i guess if not a bit more!

COunseling was worth every penny for me. It changed my life, and I have maintained now about 7 months.

Butyou have to put something in to get something out - its notr magic. but for me, it changed my life,a nd my relationship with food.

I lost 10 stone in 9 months by following it to a T - not one teeny weeny itsy bitsy lapse. So that gives you an idea whats possible.

Good luck!

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Thanks girls for the advice it certainly seems to be working for you and I'm sure it will for me ...so long as I put the effort in obviously. I just feel that I need help working through some issues that leave me compelled to stuff myself despite having type 2 diabetes and high bp and also being twice the woman i should be....and not in a good way!

BlondeLogic I am working through your stream of consciousness at the moment and it is truly, truly inspiring. You have done fantastic things.

Polly x

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
THank you Polly :)

I found the counseling a very interesting thing. I enjoyed it, and learned a lot from it - and also from what it brought out in others in the group. SOmetimes someone else reasisations would trigger mine, and so on. But I must admit - i had kind of thought it would be like "lightbulb moments" at the time.

THere were times I thought, "Ya know - I am not getting it. This is not changing me", etc., and really wondered if it worked, or would work or was working.

But - when you find out it has worked is when you are through with the diet. And whne something happens - and you suddenly realise "Oh my god - that happened, and I didn;t turn to food!" THEN, that is the light bulb moment.

It felt very subtle going through it, but I can honestly say I do not think I would ever have managed to maintain this long after any other diet, and I put it down the that.

I hope you can get to do it. Like you, I was twice the woman I should be because if I was happy/sad/lonely/tired/frustrated/bored, etc. I would eat. If a day ended in the letter "Y" I ate. It got to where I barely needed an excuse. And now, triggers still occur - but food is not the firt thing that comes to mind. Its an amazing and liberating feeling.

We all have demons - you aren't alone there. But as you say, if you work at it, and let it, it can change your life.

All the best to you hon!

S: 24st0lb C: 24st0lb G: 12st9lb BMI: 46.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks so much Blonde Logic it sounds like you have had a journey and a half. You must feel so proud of your achievements! I anxiously waiting to see if I have got the job so that I can contact my local counsellor and sign up....I can't wait! Thanks for all the good wishes and happy maintenance !!

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