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countdown to christmas

I would like to lose 25lb between now and Christmas. Got a lot of small-sized winter clothes to get back into and want to buy some lovely new things to celebrate my losses (think positive!). Will choose Saturday mornings as my weigh-in day.

Good luck everyone!


Determined to succeed!
Hey hey! I'm there... I am currently 31lbs from goal, but would be happy as a clam if I can get 20 of them off in the next 10 weeks! That will put me at 11st 4 :) Sounds marvellous to me!

WE CAN DO THIS! I weigh in on Friday mornings, so not too different... could do a special Saturday weigh in as well for this though - I weigh myself every day anyway (cringe).

Yey! Love a challenge! :) x
Count me in too, this will keep me motivated. Im going on holiday in 7 weeks so that will be my first goal but it will push me to keep going once im back :)

I usually weigh in on mondays (keeps me in check over the weekend eek) but i'll do a sneaky sat weigh in too!
Would love to do this too :) I have only just started Atkins (yesterday) and have 31lbs in total to lose. Don't know whether it is feasible or not but would love to have reached my target by Christmas. Possible 10lbs loss in induction then 2/3lbs a week if i don't carry induction on? (thinking of continuing induction on for another fortnight if I'm not struggling with it)

Count me in please :D
Wendy if you stick to the plan you should see very good losses the first couple of weeks. My advice, from the heart - ditch the booze. That way you will mostly avoid sabotaging yourself.

Let's get stuck in, Atkinsers!


This is for life
Looking forward to joining the countdown:). My weigh in days are friday so will stick with that and set a goal after this weeks wi
I would like to join you all when I get back from my hol - I need to loose as much as possible so be good to have a challange especially when I get back from hol as will certainly have put weight on then.
hey guys hows every 1 doing i have stalled this week i think its the cream i been having (totm) need sweet stuff badly so been having cream coco powder sweetner no loss for me this week

i am looking to going gym 4 times today will be my second so hope by sat a couple pounds will drop


nutty me

onwards and downwards
i will join the xmas countdown, let me see.......aim to lose a 21 lbs.
hmmmm not planning to start atkins again for a week or so for various reasons but put on a couple of stone i may join to get rid of on atkins before crimbo


This is for life
Ok - said i would do this so better set a target. Weight last wi was 88.2 kg. Target for christmas is to lose 5kg and aim for 83kg - that's a bit stretchier than i really need but maybe will keep me focused;) my weigh in day is friday so will see how its going tomorrow!

Hope everyone doing well:D

Oh we'd better set up a tracker. Plse add your goal and loss so far - copy and paste into the thread. Oh and ignore my kilos;)

Katie tgt 5kg lost 0kg
I'm off on hold in a few weeks but hope to stay on plan... By Xmas I aim to lose 30lbs x fingers crossed
Blimey, I've got over 100 to lose :-(

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