Couple of questions please?


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I did lipotrim last year and lost around 3 stone however it is difficult to get to the nearest chemist that supplies this so have thought about trying to find something thats more accessable and have a couple of questions:
Where do you get weighed?
How much does this cost per week?
I traced a councillor in my town so thats a big plus already not spoken to them yet though - cant wait to start again losing weight.
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Hi loulouless,

I used to get weighed at home on my own scales with my first cdc, then at the house of my 2nd.

The price can vary from cdc to cdc, there is a list on here of rrp's so that should help x


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just noticed the rrps arent around, dont want to give the wrong price as havent used cd since June so im sure somone will come along and help x


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Prices are on the site some where

they are rrping at 1.75 ISH for shakes/soups/porridge
1.90 ISH for bars and tetras

the RRP list is on the forum somewhere



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it will be comparable to the £36 a week - obviously depending on what plan your on- depending on what i have each week it varies from 36-40 usually around 38 - but i always buy the expensive things like pre made tetras and bars,

hope this helps xx


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It varies from area to area - I pay £35 per week for whatever combination I have & my councillor comes to me - expect to pay up to £40 a week but certainly no more.

Good Luck :)


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i get weighed where my cdc works out of
depends on what you get as to how much you pay. on the weeks i buy just shakes and soups i pay about £36- £37 but on weeks that i get bars or tetra's it can be over £40


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As others have said it depends on your area and your cambridge diet 1st charged flat rate of £1.80 for products, but too be honest he gave crap service. I know pay about £40-45 every week depending on what i get, extra if i want flavourins, fibre etc more expensive but still cheaper than what i used to spend on food and drink.


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Just to answer you questions - I visit my cdc in her home on a friday evening - she has a room which she uses just for cd. I pay about £45 per week but thats because I am 5ft8 and have to have 4 sachets per day, I have a really good relationship with my counsellor and would say that is one of the best parts of this diet and my weekly weigh in is what keeps me motivated. I really like the fact that I have someone completely independent to my life to talk to


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Depends how tall you are. If you're 5ft 8 and above you'll need 4 a day. Generally shakes, soups and porridge are £1.75 each which is £36.75 a week if you have them and not the bars or tetras and are under 5ft 8 or £49 if you're over 5ft 8, which I am annoyingly, by 1 inch! Some people do charge slightly over the RRP though, so worth checking first.

Whereabouts are you in the West Midlands? I might be able to recommend a CDC, I know a few!