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Couple Questions....

Hi all,

I am sure this may have been asked many times but I was wondering if anyone could help.

Is lighter life filling? I mean do you get left hungry after having your 'meals'.

Also, do you get all your vitamins etc that you need? I have a b12 and iron deficiency and I dont want to make it any worse at the moment.

Thanks in advance xx
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You won't feel hungry on lighter life after the first 4-5 days. You need to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated though. You don't get a sense of feeling full like you would after a meal but you really don't feel hungry at all if you stick to the plan. It's magic!
Seriously though, I have to remind myself to have all four packs beacause I just never feel like having anything at all as I'm never hungry.
You will get all the vitamins and minerals you need through LL but if you have a deficiency anyway I think you should be ok to take supplements but it's best to ask your group leader.
That's what I am worried about if I feel hungry it'll be over and I'll end up bingeing! I am going to book in with a LLC to ask some more questions but I just wanted to know the basics.

I am on supplements and injections for the b12 at the moment so I will be sure to mention this to her.

I'm going to do some research on it tonight.

You look amazing, if you're not a reason to do it I don't know what is :) x
Once you get into ketosis you won't feel real hunger pangs - that's one of the amazing things about it. I did feel satisfied after my packs but moreso if I drank a fair amount at the same time. I tried to have at least half a litre of water with each "meal", particularly my soups and then I would feel full. The lack of real hunger doesn't take away the odd craving for REAL food but seeing the pounds fall off kind of makes up for that.

With regards to the vitamins and minerals - the idea is that our total RDA of everything is within the packs so as long as you make sure you always have the fours packs then you should be fine. Obviously your LL counsellor should be able to advise and like Rachel says, you'll probably be fine to continue with supplements.

Best of luck whatever you decide x
That is the beauty of this diet - it is as if there is an on/off switch to hunger. Once in Ketosis, the switch is definately turned OFF, and you can go all day without eating and not missing it. Like Rach said, somedays you realise late in the day that you have not even had the first pack yet!!!

It is very effective, and very fast - and important to remember, you are only saying goodbye to food temporarily - not forever,

Good luck at your info session!
I have vit B12 injections and was advised to continue with them x they can do a blood test to check your levels but mine were still on the low side so I still have them

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