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Courting Controversy

Right, sure I am going to stir up a hornets nest with this one but I, wisely or unwisely, decided to substitute one of my shakes per day with fish of roughly the same calorific value. As I am sure you are all aware, fish in brine or without any sauce contains no carbohydrates (where a shake has 10.7g) but double the protein.
I have now done this since Monday and as of this morning (Friday) I am 4 lbs down, what I would normally have expected.

I am finding it so easy doing this as I am having solid food, in the form of a bar for lunch (cant make shakes up at work) and then having prawns, crab or a tin of tuna when I get home from work and my last shake later in the evening.

I spoke to my councilor about this and she said thet it would lead to a slippery slope to wnting 'normal' food, but it hasn't. In fact I have become less obsessed with the whole 'weight loss syndrome and finding it almost feels normal to do it this way.

I am not looking for praise or condemnation, just be interested to hear others comments and experiences.

5 weeks nearly gone
36 lbs gone 19 still to go

BP at start 154/101
BP last Friday 130/84

So Chuffed :):):)
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I wouldn't condemn you, or praise you necisarily....but I have a question....

LL costs 66 quid a week and is soley based on an abstainance diet.

Cambridge is half the cost, and allows a meal a day.

So merely from a cost point of view, I don't understand the messing about with LL? And I would not think an LLC would allow that to carry on, as not really fair to the rest of the group if one is eating every day?

SO just curious about your decision.

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I personally think you have to do what is right for you.

When you come off the diet you have to deal with food and not let it become 'that old slippery slope' I'm sure you will realise if doing this does become a problem and adjust accordingly.

You are a fully grown adult (I'm assuming this of course :):)) I'm sure you know what you are doing!

Best of luck!


Gone fishing
I am not looking for praise or condemnation, just be interested to hear others comments and experiences.
Okay...just comments, so don't take them as criticisms :)

By leaving off a shake you aren't getting all the vits and mins you need. By adding brine, you are increasing your chances of fluid retention. By adding fish instead of a shake, you aren't having enough carbs.

In fact I have become less obsessed with the whole 'weight loss syndrome and finding it almost feels normal to do it this way.
I'm sure it does. After all, tweaking the system felt very natural for me too...until I found it didn't actually work very well.

But you are 4lbs lighter, so what does it matter if you aren't getting everything you need. As long as the scales are going down. Much more fun than staying healthy ;)
Thanks ladies

BL, As far as I am concerned the cost is irrelevant, Its working, and for someone who has struggled to loose significant weight for 20 years or so that is upmost in my thoughts. Dont get me wrong, if I had known about other programs I may well have opted for them but as it happens I spoke to someone who had great success with the LL program and decided to give it a go.

The main motovation for me was having high BP and I am now well on the way to coming off the medication for that. As I have learned through this forum, everybody can acheive the results, its just findig the way that suits you.

As annie said 'I'm a big (well not as big as I was) boy and should know what I'm doing. not so sure I agree with the latter. anyway good luck to you both and keep the posts coming. Life is good
I understand decades of dealing with weight, so I know wher you are coming from, from that POV too. :)

As KD said however, you are jeapordising your nutrition.

Be careful. Pleased your BP is down - but just be careful.

I have to say again, I am pretty stunned your LLC is allowing this. Fair enough, you could keep quite and she wouldn;t know - but she does. Puzzling, really.

Good luck to you ROb. :)
No she dosen't know. I only 'discussed what would happen if'. I fully accept the comments re Minerals and vitamins, but the proof will be in the pudding (oh pudding yum) I will be the first to post the results if things go wrong as i would rather be the guinnae pig and suffer the fate of 'swicking' before any one else is tempted to follow my 'unhealthy' example. must admit, for someone who lived on chinese, indian, kebabs, and KFC, I never thought someone would ever attck me for eating fish. ah well.

On a serious note KD I cant argue with your success and offer my hearty congratulations on your acheivements. Your photos say it all.

As for being careful BL I am currently seeing the doc every 4 weeks and mutch yo my amazement, given his original sceptisism, he has asked me if i will continue to come fore the next year so that he can monitor my progress. his exact words were that the imptovement is 'nothing short of remarkable'

Be assured that all comments are taken in good faith and no offence is ever taken.
My only comment on this is listen to your body Robzer. I had until my holiday last week stuck to LL rigidly but I started to suffer some health issues from about 6 weeks ago... today my BP dipped to 87/54 and I was dizzy and have felt poorly for sometime now. This is part of my reason for hitting the RTM trail. As long as you listen to you, you should be fine :)

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