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Couteaux on Cruise- target by December!


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I've been faffing around with various plans since having my daughter (8 months) and was recommend the Dukan diet from a mum at school - she's done v well and very kindly let me borrow her book!

So- I got myself stocked up with all the goodies I'll be needing and today I started attack!

I'm currently 14.9 (will update my info) and my target is 11.13 (as given by Dukan site)

Breakfast - galette

Lunch- cottage cheese, crab sticks and sardines (interesting combo..) ;)

Dinner - tandoori turkey breast with extra red chilli and ff fromage frais, extra chicken if hungry later

Drinks - oooooodles of water, prob more than 3 litres by the end of the day. Have been v thirsty.

Looking forward to finally getting these lbs off! :)
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Weighed in this morning and am down 2lbs! I know this is water weight, but what a fabulous feeling seeing those numbers get lower :)

Day 2 attack

Breakfast - galette

Lunch - spiced roast chicken breast(s)

Dinner - Chicken omelette with extra chicken on the side ;)

Drinks - 2+ litres water, coffee and skimmed milk, diet coke.

Need to stock up on more snacky bits and cottage cheese, I've really enjoyed the cottage cheese served with lots of black pepper.

Hope everyone has a good day! :)
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Welcome and good luck! As for "interesting" combinations, Dukan PP days tend to lead us into the weird and wonderful mixtures ;)

You've an interesting pseudo... any French connection?


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Hi Maintaner :)

I imagine they are only going to get more unusual as time goes on!

The name comes from my Dad's old nickname at school, playing around with our surname. :)


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Another 1lb off this morning! I'm 14.6 now, so back to what I was before falling off one of those wagons... ;)

Had an awful sleep last night! Not sure if it was the heat, but I just couldn't get comfy, sore back (don't normally have that) and very fidgety. Wondering if it could be diet related as I'm normally one of those lucky people that sleep easily.

Breakfast - galette

Lunch - roast chicken with fromage frais/cottage cheese

Dinner - Slow cooked beef in Moroccan spices (was delish and just fell apart, so full of flavour!)

Snacks - crabsticks, chicken if needed.

Thinking bout making some chicken soup but need to buy some low salt stock.

Hope everyone has a good day!
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Just realised I only need to drop another 3lbs to get under 200lbs - fingers crossed I should get that of during Attack! :)


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Lovely target to aim for... keep it up!


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Thanks Joanne! It is such a psychological boost getting past that number.

I've noticed I'm not as thirsty today. I had a raging thirst days 1&2 but having to remember to drink today. Will make sure I get in my quota though.


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Pastries! Good grief, my dreams last night were all about pastries! Big 'Man v food' style ones, French apple ones, I was gobbling them all. Very relieved to wake up and find it was all just a dream (Dallas style) ;)

Yesterday I ended up going to the shops for some cottage cheese, FF, extra meat and fish etc (spent waaay to much) Got some yummy looking salmon, 4 big fillets for £5, prawns etc. I went into a bit of a protein frenzy!

Today I am planning to get more exercise in. We had a rather lazy day at home yesterday, little ones are thoroughly enjoying being off school and relaxing but I need to get that walking in, so we're off to find a new park.

Food Day 4

Breakfast - galette (hoping to keep it in one piece today)

Lunch - Chicken/prawns cottage cheese & black pepper

Dinner - grilled spicy steak

I'm down by nearly another 1lb - I'm 14.5.2 :)
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Did your galette stay in one piece?
I'm the same, I pop to shop to get a few bits and come out with bags of protein!! Costing a fortune but it's getting results and not spending it on junk and takeaways so all evens out ( I hope lol ) x

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Hi Claire,

I didn't get to make it in the end, I'll make some for a snack this evening. It turned into a mad dash to get us all ready and out for a picnic and play at the park (lots of walking!) so, breakfast was a few prawns!

How has your day been?
couteaux said:
Hi Claire,

I didn't get to make it in the end, I'll make some for a snack this evening. It turned into a mad dash to get us all ready and out for a picnic and play at the park (lots of walking!) so, breakfast was a few prawns!

How has your day been?
Prawns for brekkie mmmmm don't think I could manage that lol

Not so good today as have sore calf after physio discovered a tear in the muscle ..... I have nerve damage from back op 4 yrs ago and now suffer a long list of probs with complications :(
Physio pummelled my muscle so now i have a lump like a tennis ball but apart from that great lol
Food good though, would normally console myself in junk but nope not this Dukan girl :)

How you enjoy it tonight, it'll be well deserved after all that walking xx

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Ouch! That sounds awful. Hope the pain eases very soon! Well done for not turning to the usual comforts while you've been feeling low.

It's been a good day here being out with the kiddies, we found a fabulous park and enjoyed being active. I'm looking forward to feeling even more energetic as the lbs drop off.

I haven't made my galette yet, still rather full of steak! It's funny how I would have eaten twice the amount of meat, plus potatoes/fries/veggies etc and prob still managed a pudding - bonkers! Not saying I'll never manage it again, but really full at mo. It's a good feeling :)


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I hate waking up after a (fat free sugar free) food porn dream :D

You're going great guns. I couldn't face prawns for breakfast, mind :D
Hi Joanne,

The prawns were goooood. Not my usual breakfast fare, but needs must. ;)

I finally made a decent looking galette this morning!! Much lower temp and left it a bit longer. Hoorah!

Weighed in this am and had gone up in weight - from 14.5.2 to 14.6 I'm trying to put that out of my mind as a normal fluctuation and will try and stay off the scales now until Monday (lets see if I can...) It is amazing how much a tiny 'gain' can affect me, felt really low when I saw it, but onwards and downwards!

Breakfast - galette

lunch - Salmon fillets

Dinner - ? Might be going out with family so will opt for something grilled and obv just protein :)

Snacks - Crabsticks/ff
I still weigh everyday but only track my weigh in after my PP day as I find that I can gain slightly after PV but it's big a true reflection of my achievements.
Your doing fab and if you stick to the plan it will come off :) x

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Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
Hi hun :)

I would be on Day 4.. but alas I went off track (I know, how weak!) and am now starting over!

How long are you staying with attack for?
Your food sounds nice and very varied (lol at sardines, crabsticks and cottage cheese :p) but can I ask... where do you get tomatoe-less sardines from? (if that makes sense? I've only seen them in a tomoatoey sauce.. or am I just being blonde?)

Good Luck for today, hope it's a good one :) x
Well, today hasn't gone quite as planned. I had a brainwave that I could make us all dinner at home to ensure it would all be Dukan friendly, but some of the fam were too hungry to wait - so they are currently eating a very Dukan un-friendly meal. I'll be making myself some food later and am sitting here feeling virtuous (and a wee bit left out). ;)

I've not really eaten enough today, not intentionally, just been running around. didn't get to have any lunch so just grabbed some cooked turkey. Had a long walk for 40 mins and hoping there is a nicer result on the scales tomorrow!
Hi Claire - thanks :) That is what I keep thinking, just stick with this one and it will come off, I've got disheartened so many times before and really want/need to see this through.
How are you feeling today, hope you are much better!

Hi Ela ine,
I think I may have 'spoken' to you over on the SW forum, definitely recognise the user name. Hi! :)
I'm on attack for 7 days, 2 more to go until I am let lose on those veggies. I am really looking forward to them!
We all have wibbles on plans. I had a false start to my Dukan journey too and then restarted the next day. Stick with it this time, you will be so annoyed with yourself if you don't - I know I would :)

You can get sardines in either brine or spring water next to the ones in a sauce.

Hope you've both had a good day!
Wooooop! Just weighed in and am now 14.3.8 so just over 2 lbs off. This is the most weight I have lost on a diet plan. So happy and glad I did weigh in today and it has given me a boost :)

2 more days left on attack! :D

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