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Cracked Sat night - Has red wine

Motivation cracked on Sat night as I was preparing pizzas for daughter and friends
Had once slice of Pizza and bottle of red wine
Wine tasted lovely but woke up with head on me this morning
Unlike before wher I migh have jacked afterone blip im staright back on the packs today and given myself a big kick up the arse
I feel really annoyed with myself but im back on the packs so hopefully that little blip will not have taken me out of Ketosis

If it had i will just have to grin and bear it

Early to bed tonight to avoid any temptations and get back on track
Anyone else done anything similair


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Nope, been ace all the way, last night i had temptation i walked into a party with food that could feed a battalion and cakes galore but i resisted it.

I think you are out of ketosis there Jim, if you have ketosis strips have a look. Otherwise 3 days of no bars just shakes and get to the LLC and swap over the excess bars you have.

BUt dont threat even the best of us can stray, nothing to beat yourself up over it just means an extra day on LL.
:drunk: whoops!
red wine - thats my temptation, luckily i've none in and hubby drinks beer so i've managed to avoid it!

good on you getting straight back on to it tho - hope the hangover is making you suffer so you aren't tempted again
daisy x


Do a little dance!
Good on you for getting straight back into it.

I was always someone who went into this saying it HAS to be 100% and I stick to it - but I have to admit the last two days have been hard for me. Pub on friday night with the usual pub food (which I love), lots of drink and people enjoying both in excess measures. Yesterday - football where we were in a box, with four large trays of warm comfort type food, plus lots of bread, which is my big, big weakness. About 30 people in there once again enjoying the food and drink. Then in the evening went to Harlow dogs...where once again a group of 15 or so people enjoying the greasy baskets of food that smelt so nice (but looks so nastily greasy!) and lots of drink again.

Then, finally, sunday dinner with the in-laws this afternoon and parents are getting a take-away tonight.

I could literally feel my resolve chipping away slowly. I don't know how I have got through this weekend so far, and how I'm still going. Still have this evening to go though and I really don't know if I can zone this out much longer.

My family are eating much healthier at the moment and doing so well on this - but I know I won't get the results doing that - but with my OH possibly being made redundant tomorrow (last day then wednesday) and that making the cost of LL a little more of a problem as I'll have to pick everything up.

It's been a hard few days.
I am only in my first week and this weekend has been hard. Starving half the time and feeling a bit fed-up. WI is tomorrow night so hope that the weight loss picks me up again!
Well done for getting straight back into the packs. I hope you return to ketosis really soon. Remember the feeling of annoyance with yourself and use this next time you are tempted.
Well done for getting back on track, James. I completely understand (very nearly joined you in the (red stuff in a bottle)-drinking on Saturday. Try to work out what specifically crumbled your resolve and work on it.


Making it all add up
Jim that's a real shame, but we're all Human and learning to deal with & overcome temptations is very much a part of the LL journey for us all.

As H says, don't beat yourself up, at the end of the day we all have to eat/drink post LL, so it's all just steps to a better understanding and realisation of the consequences of our actions.

Good luck with the next 100


Half a pound at a time.
Me too!!!!

Hi Jim,

Saturday night was a bad one for me too. Had a get together planned for a long time, i went around and there was only a few of us. I had been bigging the night up saying i cant wait to get stuck into the food etc (and then i started LL) instead of being honest and saying i was on a liquid diet i had to eat i felt so under pressure!!

Not happening again though, next time im just telling people the truth and avoiding social situations!!! Im doing well on the alcohol front...not touched a drop!!!! :)

I have jumped straight back on the wagon and will see how much saturday night affected me on the scales tomorrow!!!

Good to hear youre back on the wagon too.

I feel so let down because its going to take days to get back into ketosis, and i have to go through all the food cravings again!!! :( :(

Keep strong! xx:D

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