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Cracking up

I'm not sure if I'm the only one out there, but I can't stop myself from getting on my scales. More to the point, despite my best dieting efforts they're not showing any loss at all. nada nilch nowt.

I know it's naughty, but first thing in the morning, and last thing at night, and anytime in between when I'm walking past the damn things, I can't resist weighing myself. It's as though they're calling me.

I'm only in my first week of slimming world, but still, I'd been expecting them to change a little bit.

I'm really disappointed, actually considering not going back to group on tuesday. Everyone always loses in the first week!! WHY HAVEN'T I????

Actually considering not eating at all till next weigh in. Surely 48hrs of starvation will lead to a loss?
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Hey Ponypony

Have you considered the fact that during the course of the day you eat food, drink water and it all weighs something?? You also need to consider the fact that constantly weighing is completely doing your head in.

My vote? Chuck those scales outside and hit em with a hammer!!! You WILL lose weight - have faith, stick with it, and stay strong - and stay off the damn scales!!


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Put them there scales away, you really dont want to get hung up on weighing constantly.
With all the water we are drinking we put on a fair few lbs over the day......If you must weigh, keep it to first thing in the morning after your visit to the loo.

You cant not lose weight if you stick to it.


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OMG, someone else just like me. My scales have got foot shaped indents in them from where i stand on them all the time. Well maybe a slight exaduration with the indents but I do stand on them all the time. I am going to chuck them because they are one of my reasons for failing diets in the past. I will leave my weighing to the lady at SW.
Must hold my hands up to being an obsessive weigher too!

I am limiting myself to once a day now though - in the mornings pre shower (wet hair weighs more!) and after morning wee! Trouble is my scales have a dial on them so I can sometimes spend 15 minutes getting on and off after fiddling with the dial and trying to balance on one leg etc!

So am treating myself to some digital ones today. Going to get them on way home from work. Feel quite excited :confused: . I've got to get a life!?

I think I'll kid myself less with the digital ones, can't convince myself that those are slightly above the zero and need to be adjusted if I've had a bad day! :rolleyes:

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