Cranberry or Peanut? You decide....


Gone fishing
...okay. Just seen my counsellor to pick up some CD to help with maintenance.

She was dead chuffed that I'm still at goal. Awww. It was nice to see her again. :cool:

Strict instructions not to lose any more weight. Yipee. Must just use the meals to help with maintenance.

So I have before me a peanut and a cranberry bar.....which shall I have for lunch?

This had better be good!! :D
Too late...I've gone for the Cranberry.

Ummm. Nice :) Feel like all my fillings has fallen out and are tumbling around in my mouth like my dryer:eek:

Looks a bit more like a normal bar...not so smooth as the malt one I used to have.

Ummm (tumbles more in mouth) Yep. Definitely a taste of cranberry. Quite sweet...lots of texture which would make a very suitable addition when SSing.

This fits the bill nicely. Very pleasant. Shame I only asked for two.

I'll try the peanut tomorrow
I love them both. The peanut one reminds me of a chocolate Hobnob with peanuts in. The cranberry one is gorgeous too ... has a very slight, almost 'alcoholic' fruity taste to it. Both bars take me an age to chow my way through (bonus!) and make me feel like I've eaten a 3 course meal afterwards.

Yum! :D

Debbie x
almost 'alcoholic' fruity taste to it.
Blast! Didn't notice that....what a waste:rolleyes:

I have however noticed how much more fibre there is in the bar. According to WLR, my old malt bars had 0.3g of fibre, which isn't much since I try to get at least 18g a day. Cranberry has 9.9g:eek:

Is that right? If it is, my bowels will be eternally grateful.:)

edit: Just checked the wrapper and it is right. Wow...that's a huge improvement!
Yes there is a load of fibre in there but also the carbs are half that of the other bars which is also a bonus!
Well I'll be it is! The cranberry is a few less cals too.

Lubberly dubberly. :)
Erm - off the top of my head, I think the cranberry (just YUMMMMMMMMY!) is 159 and the peanut is about 175????? Anyone got em to hand to double check??
They are both indeed TOTALLY GLORIOUS!!! I've ordered loads! All for me me me me me me me me me muhahahahahahha!
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