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crap weekend :-((

i've had such a horrible weekend, its unbelievable!!
i suffer from asthma and on friday night, i started with chest infection, flu and high temp, i was literally dying!!!
so i had to come off LP, as i had to take antibiotics ( which i have to take for another 5 days), lempsip, hot water with honey and lemon, and my dearest husband kept making me hot soup, and i was feeling that crap that i did eat them and to top it all i was feeling extremely sorry for myself, so ketosis went straight out the window...:cry::cry::cry::cry:
so back on my LP journey from morning, i know i can do it, i couldnt help being so badly.
at least i feel better now and can re-start my shakes. fingers crossed, i have not caused too much damage, i will che k my weight tomorrow.
so am thinking, can i still aim for 2 stones loss by Christmas Day? or is that not do-able now?? :(:(:(
i feel like i could cry now, i was doing so well as well...
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Hey dont beat yourself up about it. Ur sick and well maybe you should wait for your antibiotics to finish before u start off again so u feel 100% better rather than going through ketosis whilst your sick.
You seem very positive and determined.

Good luck, get well soon.
Awww honey sorry you've felt so poorly. Please don't beat yourself up about it. you will soon be right back on track. and 2 stone is cetainly do able. ((((squishy get better hugs ))))
(((big hugs hun))))

Your health must come first, and it is not the end of the world.... If you get back on track and stay 100% there is every chance that you will still lose 2 stone by Xmas day... Are you staying TFR over Xmas? If not, and you intend to eat, make sure you allow for a refeed... But it is still do-able hun x x
thank you very very much for your kind words and hugs, i feel better already ;);)
(((((((hugs to you all)))))).
i will be doing TFR up until Christmas Day, then re-feed for 2 weeks then back on TFR and take it from there, will probably re-feed again until my i reach my goal weight.
as from tomorrow, i will give it 200 % and will aim for that 2 stones loss, i will be pleased even if i lose 1.5 stones by crimbo, but i will definitely give it my bestest shot.
I'm sorry you had a crap weekend but you're coming back with the best possible attitude. Good on you!

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