Crappy Weight loss


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Had my weigh in tonight, week 4 and I only lost 1lb. Thats 12lbs in my four weeks. Last week I only lost 1lb but that was my own fault but I've been SO good this week. It is time of the month though and I do know from LL that I never lost more than 1lb during my period.

Its just so bloody frustrating though as I really wanted to break my first stone :-(
Hi Lynne

I am sorry that you feel that you feel so crappy, after the hard work that you've done you want to see results. But I still think 1lb is still a good weightloss. This week, my third, I only lost 2lbs but I prepared myself not get upset. Whatever the weightloss I should be proud as more likely if I was not on this diet I would have put on 2lbs.

Please keep it up. My counsellor was telling me that if you slide from the diet it might affect your ketosis and the results might not be seen in the following week, but the week after. I don't know how true this, but so far everything he's told me seems to work.

I wish you the best for next week.
Hi Piper

Don't let it get you down. I know from experience, I had a not so great week lost 1lb followed by a perfect week lost 1lb was disappointed although tried not to be but still ended up going off the rails. By the end of the week got back on track loss 1lb I know if I had only kept up the good work I would have had great weightloss that third week. But at least I learnt from the mistake. You don't need to make the mistake I made it for you so keep resolute and you will reap the rewards next weigh in. Besides all these 1lb's add up very nicely in the end!

Dizzy x