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Crash and Burn

So! Didn't have the greatest of weekends, too many things I shouldn't have and really fell off the wagon! I find the weekend so hard...

Today I decided to get motivated, bought myself a snazzy little note pad, pencil & pen and have once again started a food diary! Am feeling positive so far today an have eaten the following

1 raspberry mullet light
1 banana
1 pear - peeled
1 glass of water

Heinz baked beans
1x WM toast - HEXB
1 Toffee muller light
1 pk Boots Shapers Crisps - 3 syns
1 glass of water

I'm feeling good and not like I need to stuff my face, so let's hope I feel the same at home! I'm hoping to go for a run again tonight, the last of the three in week 1 of the "Couch to 5k" podcasts!
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It sounds like you've got yourself well back on track :) Dont worry - we all have weekends like that! Well done getting motivated and best of luck for a great week. :)
Thanks mrsmayblossom!

After an evening row with the OH - because he was about to cook dinner with "just a tablespoon" of veg oil (for tablespoon, read a quick pour of oil)!!! I don't really want to add 6 syns or more of unnecessary oil to my food!! I finally ate dinner, and finished my diary for the day with the following:

Snack while cooking:
1 Can Diet Coke
Fried Basmati rice, cooked with F.Light & Mange Tout, Red Pepper, Baby Sweetcorn, Ginger, Garlic, Soy Sauce & 1tbsp of Maggi Sweet Chilli - 2 Syns!!
(not sure how this works, as the tablespoon was used in the whole dish, so didn't consume the whole 2 syns on my own)

As I'd only had 5 syns today, I treated myself to

1 chopped banana mixed into
1 melted, aero caramel - 10 syns

So that's me for the night, 15 syns used and my HexB, although didn't use my HexA so not so great! Let's hope tomorrow is as productive!
OOO i Like the sound of that aero/banana combo! It definitely helps to keep on track if you know you can enjoy a treat like that at the end of the day :)
It was yummy! And much more satisfying, and filling than just eating the Choc bar on it's own - although that would have been yum too!
ive not managed so save enough syns this week so far :( looking forward to having a crunchie - think they are 9 syns. I seem to spend all of my syns on things like salad cream!!?! Maybe tomorrow :)
Have you tried making a salad dressing from one of the syn free recipes?? I LOVE the garlic sauce - it's yum and then you'll definitely have lots of syns for that Crunchie ?
That's a really good idea, daisy. I'll get on to the recipe pages x cheers x
Day 2:
Am feelin today will be another positive day!!

Am beginning to get a bit bored of my usual yogurt for breakfast but am stuck for other Free options...and suddenly thought about porridge this morning! Dies anyone know the rules about Oats so simple an if it can be used as a Healthy Extra??

Today's Diary so far:

1 Vanilla Muller Light
1 Banana
1 Pear - peeled

Left over Fried Rice from last night (probably about 0.5 syns from the sweet chilli)
1 Cherry muller light
1 Satsuma

Here's to a syn free day!!!
Added a slice of wholemeal toast to my brekkie to make sure I get my HEXB otherwise that would have fallen on the scrap heap today!! Was about to drink some milk for my HEXA but remembered we are having spaghetti Bol for dinner so was saved!!! I can have grated cheese instead! Woooohoooooo
Feeling very sleepy this afternoon!!! I need to get some life back in me!!!!

The second day is going very well! As well as my already detailed food intake, I have also had

1 apple - peeled
2 Celebrations 4 syns!

So am on a total of 4.5 syns so far and I'm leaving for home in 2 hours, and then it will be dinner time!!!

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