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Cravings? Tempted to eat something you shouldn't? Here's something that might help!!


Slimming down the aisle
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I realised a new way to think of things talking to my sister earlier. So, here it goes!

So, you've got those cravings right? And you're really tempted to give in and order that kebab, curry, chinese or whatever. So you give in. You know it'll probably kick you out of ketosis. You know that you'll have probably an extra 2 weeks of doing the diet but you're prepared to do it. So you order a curry and rice, total of £8.

The guy arrives half an hour later and suddenly the bill is £88... would you pay it? Probably not hey, no curry is worth £88 but that's exactly what you're doing! But CD costs about £40 a week, £50 for us tall'ens, so that one meal might make you put on 8, 9 or 10lbs so that's possibly 2 extra weeks and will cost you another £80-100!! When you think of it like that, it's just not worth it is it!

So next time you're thinking about eating something outside of what you're meant to, try thinking of it like that. I know it helps me!
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what a brilliant idea i love it, it is so true you think that little thing wont hurt to much, and before you know it it is to late


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That's a great way of looking at it :)
I think these little insights into other peoples motivations are sooo inspirational...
I for one, want to get to the end of this plan the quickest and cheapest way possible... so for me too that is a great tip!


Slimming down the aisle
S: 19st1.5lb C: 18st6.8lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st8.7lb(3.25%)
Well I just know that it helped me change the perspective of things. A cheat was no longer so tempting as it changed from being an oh well I've been fat this long what's an extra week or two to oh that would buy me a bunch of new clothes! So I just figure if something helps me I should share it because who knows it might help others too!


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very true Caroline - very well put!
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I do this!!!! But slightly different. I add all the weeks together i'm in my 4th week now, times that by 40quid = £160. I think in this way because if I were to cheat once I would cheat again and give up, so effectivly I would have spent £168 on 2 minutes of satisfaction. I don't earn that kind of money in a day and to eat that in 2 mins really puts me off cheating and keeps me 100% I use this theory with everything, even if its a meal made at home.


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I've always thought that takeaways are ridiculously over-priced anyway (but when you really want one, you don't care, do you?! I used to just ignore the amounts and let the OH pay!). We used to have a Chinese and fish 'n' chips at least every week - the OH still does, and apart from the smell of the chips :)o) I don't really miss them.

Now I'm only shopping for hubby and not me, the food bills are hugely down on what they used to be! :D Mind you, that will all change from next week, but I'm sure a few veg and chicken fillets etc. won't break the bank.

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Great idea Caroline, I'll keep that in mind for sure. Thanks xxx


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what a super way of looking at it! well done for that! A real motivator
Brilliant post Caroline!!! I came back from my weigh in there and the old feed feed me popped into my head......a curry as a wee treat for doing so well????? Mental or what!!!!!!

Brilliant way of putting it lol



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Excellent way of putting it!

My way is to picture the little disabled girl at school that I am doing a sponsored slim for. If I eat, she loses out on the money I could raise for her. My son always says..'Aaliyah' to me if I just sniff at a biscuit , crisps or whatever.

But i love the idea of the financial cost of a few seconds 'enjoyment'.



Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
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Thanks for this post Caroline, 1st Saturday night on SS and normally we pig out all weekend so you've just put it into perspective....:D:D
Keep up the good work fellow CDers:D


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Excellent post, Caroline - a great way of looking at things! :)

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