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  1. unreal83

    unreal83 Want to be a yummy mummy!

    Do these cravings ever just vanish? Im so fed up of thinking about food all day long and things I would want to eat if i was eating, its completely indulging myself in my head, and its doing my brain in.

    Im drinking loads of water and have a mouth spray - anyone wanna come and knock my head against the wall?
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  3. Isis

    Isis Ancient Egypt Nut!

    Well I'm not going to knock your head off the wall hun!! :eek::D

    What I can say is that if you can just distract yourself, a craving for anything will normally last no longer than 8 minutes and then subside. Try not to get caught up in the circle of anxiety that can come from thinking that you can't stop thinking about something.:confused:

    Hope this helps a bit and stick around on here as much as possible. Best distraction ever IMO!!;):D
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  4. unreal83

    unreal83 Want to be a yummy mummy!

    Oh I know I love coming on here and distracting myself from my cravings and erm work!

    I just crave bread constantly - hot buttered bread - I think its a common one really isnt it! Im not going to have it at all.

    Please someone knock me out lol!
  5. Isis

    Isis Ancient Egypt Nut!

    Hot buttered bread is :devilangel:I know!!!

    You DON'T want any!!!! Think of the jeans!!! :angeldevil:
  6. unreal83

    unreal83 Want to be a yummy mummy!

    Its weird because, no I dont want any - I wouldnt want it if I was eating - I only crave it cos I cant have it!

    Oh I am thinking of those jeans - I got all my summer clothes out yesterday - I have loads!!

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