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Hi all, Ive found since being on this diet although im not hungry every now and again i think 'ooh id love a bit of that' the weird thing is its never chocolate or anything i would have gone for prior to starting its more things like fruit, fish, fresh bread, etc all healthy things. has this happened to anyone else? xx
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yeah definitely - i'd love some fresh tomato soup mmmm :)


One last chance
Yes, it's happened to me too. I'm craving everything though. Heck, I'm even craving things that I don't and never liked eating like tomatoes, dates etc.

I could really do with a cheese and salad sandwich at the mo, they are lush!
When i was doing LT i was craving food i didnt even like for example lady in my office was eatting jam on crackers an i was like mmmm id love some!!! i dont even like jam an the thought of having it on crackers is certainly something i wouldnt wanna try lol x
Lol, maybe this thread wasnt such a good idea, im drooling over everyones posts now!!!:eat:


Crawling to the finish!
yea i crave any veg or white meat haha x
yeah i love chocolate but seem to crave more savoury stuff, i could just eat some crusty bread with cheese and olives.


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oh my god i am starving now! will keep away from this thread from now on i think!!
mmm, olives...


One last chance
Lol, maybe this thread wasnt such a good idea, im drooling over everyones posts now!!!:eat:
LOL well, no worries girl. All the food will be there when your LT journey ends. This is what I always tell myself :)


Here we go again!
Someone always puts up this thread every couple of weeks or so and I could still eat a cheese and pickle sandwich. My hubby made them for his lunch and I could really have eaten one. Will save that for when I'm finished.


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I keep wanting to prepare food, something I've NEVER wanted to do before, I hate cooking!!!

In the last two weeks I've made loads of individual meals to go in the freezer: 8 cottage pies, 6 lasagne, 8 macaroni cheese and 6 tomato based pasta dishes. I'm making easter nest cakes this Thursday for the little one to take to school and next Wednesday I'm making muffins for the office!!!!! All from proper ingredients and everything. Where's the M&S ping dinner Lou gone??? What the hell!!!!

The only thing that I can think of is that I want to feed everyone else up and make them fat so I'll look thinner stood next to them;). Very strange.


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I crave meat more than anything. I craved avocado's on steak the other day. I can't wait to get back to being able to have meat again once I'm off this diet as it's what I miss the most.
yea im craving for savoury things eventhough im a choc girl!! like pretzels n crusty burnt toast with lotsa butter! n sausages( never eat them normally) n mango pickle n pickled fish!! o my god!!! n anything chickeny!! now i feel relieved after getting that out there!!
Iam hungry all the time so you are very lucky!!! I crave everything in sight, I am even thinking of eating meat again after this diet and I ve not eat meat for 6 years!!!!xxxxx
It's just a jacket potato with tuna, mayo and sweetcorn for me! I'm not even that keen on sweetcorn!
I have started cooking too and that is very unusual for me! I also love sorting out the shopping my husband brings in, weird! x

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