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Cream Cakes at Work!!! HELP!

Hi Everyone,

Ok so it's somebody's birthday at work and they have bought stacks of cream cakes - I have so far abstained but they seriously are playing on my mind.

I'm sat here eating an apple telling myself that will suffice - whilst I an hear the cakes screaming my name :giveup:

How do you cope with the craving of certain things, I know you can use syns to feel like you are not depriving yourself - but it's not like you can just have whatever you want us it?

How do you get over the psyhological patterns in your brain related to eating? I have been overweight sine I was about 6 I am now 37 and wonder why it is I am this way and what drives me to want to eat bad things and eat them as often as possible.......does anyone else ever ponder why there are those who don't care about food and those that do?

All that from just the mere sight of a cream cake eh?

Soda X
:character00148: (at work)
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Just say NO, you might feel good whilst you are eating it but you always regret it afterwards. Think slim!
I must say I cave in very easily to temptation, if I can syn it then I will but if I really want it then I'll just go for it and call it a flexi syn or live with the consequences.

Remember, nothing tastes as good as being slim feels ......

good luck xx
A bit cliche, but..

Nothing - not even those cream cakes - tastes as good as being slim will feel xx
Ahh bless you. We had cake in the office the other day. I took some and said I'd eat it later but sneakily took it home for the husband instead (dont like telling people I'm on a diet).

Try to occupy yourself with other things - like coming on here which you have obviously done, drink water furiously ;), think how disappointed in yourself you would feel if you gave in, and how proud of yourself and your willpower when you resist.

The cream cakes are tempting, but they're never as good as you think they will be and you're bound to feel bad after you've eaten it. It just isnt worth it :)
If it were me, I'd have it, and then cut my syns down for the rest of the week. I'd rather lose weight more slowly than feel deprived. It would be different if cakes were there everyday, but if it's a one-off for a birthday, I'll just enjoy it!
Soda - good luck with this - working in an office is hell for things like this. In my old job I was the office manager and only team member with a permanent desk, so the cream cakes got left there all the time so the engineers would grab one when they checked in with me for their correspondence, etc. I nearly lost my mind some days but nonetheless I resisted and went from a size 22 to a 12 as a result. (back on here ‘cause whilst I know how to lose weight I am terrible at keeping it off).

The easiest thing I found was to have a blanket NO policy for treats from colleagues for the following reasons (excuse me if I sound cantankerous – I’m prone to ranting):
- if you always say NO, people stop offering and it becomes easier
- if you give in, if you're anything like me you will be self-conscious the whole time you're eating it, and feel self-conscious to how visible your remorse is for the rest of the day
- if you always say no in work this sets you a mental precedent for the environment, it becomes free of food-association and your colleagues’ expectations that you are a strict dieter helps spur you on
- if you want a treat, sharing the experience in the comfort of friends and family is always much more fulfilling than a stolen moment of “cakeyness” in work
- if you really wanted a cake, you would have gone to the shop to buy one
- "please have one it is my birthday" is a truly ridiculous form of persuasion - how could you eating a cream cake enhance their experience of their birthday???
- if you have one for Lisa’s birthday and then try to turn one down for Sandra’s, it gives them extra ammo to try to talk you into it
- I always reminded myself that I wasn’t going without, I had simply had my quota of cakes too soon, and that if I didn’t eat up all my cakes too quickly next time I wouldn’t have to “go without” again

Rattybabe’s attitude is much healthier than mine though and is probably sounder advice – I just personally find obsessive behaviour gets me the best results.

Best of luck sweetie – offices are not fun places to work when you’re dieting. Wrangling with your inner demons and balancing politics and politeness into this is difficult, but ultimately you have to make yourself happy, and success on your weight loss journey brings more joy than one cake ever will.

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