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Cream crackers

Just been browsing my carb counter book and it says cream crackers are 0.7g each....if this is true I have truly gone to heaven as at the mo I limit myself to 2 ryvitas with pate...but could have loads of cream crackers instead!
Please can anyone confirm?
I'm stupidly excited lol
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And Tia Maria has no carbs????....I'm tempted not to believe this book...its too good!


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All the brands I've looked up have between 4 and 5g carbs...

HOWEVER. 20g of carbs doesn't mean you can eat what you like as long as it's under 20g. Ryvita I think have a lot of fibre in them but still be careful. Cream crackers I wouldn't touch as they're made with white flour which will bump your insulin levels and stall you. There's a list of allowed foods on induction for a reason - food needs to be low GI as well as low carb. Atkins is about regulating your blood sugar. Having the odd thing that's low carb but not low GI might be alright for you, but it's not a good idea to do regularly.

You'll also find there are alcohols which are zero or near zero carbs. However alcohol is a macronutrient so while it may not take you out of ketosis, having alcohol in your system means your body will choose to burn that over fat, slowing weight loss. The less you can drink in induction the better, and not at all preferably for the first couple of weeks.
It just says cream crackers...so I will interrogate the packs next time I'm shopping. Not a great fan of them, but would be nice to have now and again.
As for the Tia Maria...I'm no great drinker either but enjoy the odd glass now and again. From experience I know it slows my loss down a bit, but I always assumed Tia Maria would be bad as it tastes so sweet...glad I was wrong though :)


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Ive googled and tia maria has 20g carbs per serving. the crackers are high too trust me ive looked and found some low ish ones in aldi but ill still want to eat the whole packet!
That's odd then...hope the whole book isn't wrong!!
Lucky I only use it to look up odd things I guess!
Remember the book is American
And they call crisps chips and so on... Your best googling asda/ tesco and finding the carb count online
i noticed the same thing! taught me to always read the labels closely.

and the point about type of carbs as well as the amount of carbs is an important one too.
It's strange...the book is a Collins carb counter I bought ages ago at Borders...I need to stick to looking at labels!!!


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Check the label on the pate, some are higher carb than others. I have a mushroom and sage one that is 3g for half a pot which I feel is okay.

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