Dear Diary

S: 126.8lb C: 126.8lb G: 115lb BMI: 21.8 Loss: 0lb(0%)

Day one is almost over, and it's gone least, I think it has! I'm really excited to have finally gotten started with this; it's not the first time, but here's hoping it's the last. But I'm getting ahead of myself! I'm Indie, I'm 18, I'm not new to MiniMins but I'm starting afresh; my plan is to lose a bit of weight and, more importantly, tone up, through exercise, healthy eating and a predominantly vegan diet. It's a cliche, but I genuinely feel like today is the first day of the rest of my life.

I woke up at 8 AM and went down to the gym for a couple hours to lift some weights; I also weighed myself while I was there, and I'm starting from 126.8 lbs, so I'm thinking of setting 115 lbs as a potential goal weight? I'll adjust as I go if necessary, but that seems like a good place to aim for.


Leg Press: 5 x 10 reps, 70 kg. (I'm going to increase this next time, I feel I could have done more.)
Chest Press: 5 x 10 reps, 14 kg.
Arm Curl: 5 x 10 reps, 10 kg.
Arm Extension: 5 x 10 reps, 10 kg.
Leg Curl: 5 x 10 reps, 15 kg.
Sit-Ups: 2 x 10 reps. (That hurt!)
5 Minutes Level 8 Elliptical. (I'll probably spend longer on this next time, too.)
60 Second Plank.

It may not seem like much written down, but it was certainly a workout! I ate breakfast on the way home, a carrot cake Nakd bar - these bars are absolutely amazing, all they are is fruit and nuts but they taste so good, and there's so many different flavors! Anyway, so I spent the morning cleaning and making lunch for everyone: beans on toast with some vegan cheese, and homemade nice-cream (frozen bananas, soya milk and cocoa powder, all blended together to an ice-cream consistency, it's delicious). As it turns out, my nana made dinner and dessert - the dessert was healthy, but I'd probably have forgone the nice-cream if I'd known.

Then this afternoon, I took a walk down to the boating lake with my grandparents and two younger sisters. The sun was out and it was such a nice day, watching all the wading birds and herring gulls. We stopped off at the cafe :)eek:) for cake and drinks...I feel like I handled it well enough though, I had a black coffee (avoiding the hot chocolate temptation, anyone else share my weakness?) and one third of a slice of banana and almond cake, the rest went to my nana and younger sister M.

Dinner was vegetable stir-fry, followed by some raspberries, sliced pineapple and Oreo thins. Since then, I've just been watching YouTube, browsing MiniMins and working on my plans for leaving home next year; all in all, it's been a fairly productive day, and I'm already starting to feel sleepy. Usually now is when I'd cave in and start snacking, so I'm going to make myself a cup of herbal tea, maybe grab a single chocolate-coated biscuit ball - they're around 20 calories each - to satisfy the cravings, and start winding down before bed. I hope everyone else has had a successful day, and I'll see you all tomorrow!

xx Indie xx
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S: 126.8lb C: 126.8lb G: 115lb BMI: 21.8 Loss: 0lb(0%)
Aaaaaand, forgot my food diary!


Breakfast: Carrot Cake Nakd Bar
Lunch: Farmhouse Bread (1 Slice)
1/2 Can of Baked Beans
45g Violife Vegan Cheese
1 Banana
150mls Soya Milk
1tsp Cocoa Powder
Dinner: Vegetable Stir-Fry
100g Pineapple
4 Raspberries
2 Oreo Thins
Snacks: 1/3 Slice of Banana and Almond Cake
2 Chocolate Biscuit Balls
Drinks: Water - 2.5 Liters
2 x Black Coffees
1 x Herbal Tea
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S: 126.8lb C: 126.8lb G: 115lb BMI: 21.8 Loss: 0lb(0%)

Today hasn't been quite as overwhelmingly positive; I'm writing this in a desperate attempt to fend off the binge cravings that plague me. I always seem to crack on day two, mess up a little and then decide to give up for the day, it's a repetitive cycle and it's getting monotonous. It's not been such a bad day. I went to get some frozen yogurt with M, and that's what's been getting to me, so I just have to keep reminding myself that as slip-ups go, a scoop of fat-free frozen yogurt isn't the worst thing in the world. Besides, I've been walking a lot today, and I fitted in a gym session this afternoon. It's just hard to regulate food without the calorie counting to fall back on. I'll weigh myself on Sunday, to get an idea of whether what I'm doing is working, and if I need to adjust and eat a little less, I'll do that. I'm also proud of myself because my stepmum made pizza topped with mushrooms, pineapple and green peppers; usually I'd eat nearly a whole pizza, but this time I had four slices, listened to my body saying it had had enough rich cheese, stopped with a comfortable fullness rather than nausea, and ate an apple to help me deal with these evening binge cravings.

Anyway, I'm going to distract myself with a book, and get an early night. I have an hour and a half until I can take my meds and head to bed. Wish me luck!

xx Indie xx


10 Minutes Level 5 Elliptical.
10 Minutes Bike Machine.
Leg Press: 7 x 10 reps, 70 kg.
Chest Press; 5 x 10 reps, 14 kg.
Sit-Ups: 5 x 10 reps. (That hurt even more than last time!)
60 Second Plank. (And don't even get me started on this.)
5 Minute Treadmill Cool-Down.


Breakfast: Pineapple Chunks
Vanilla Soya Yogurt
Lunch: Crumpet
Cream Cheese
Fruit and Nut Mixture (Raisins, Peanuts, Cashews)
Sliced Apple
Sliced Strawberries
Homemade Tortilla Chips
Dinner: Four Slices of Pizza
Snacks: Frozen Yogurt
Drinks: Water - 2.5 Liters
1 x Black Coffee
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S: 126.8lb C: 126.8lb G: 115lb BMI: 21.8 Loss: 0lb(0%)
0Khaki Criss Cross Raglan Sleeve T-shirt8/04/2017

Hiya, just checking in, it's been an alright couple of days but I just haven't felt like writing in here, I should probably get on that. I've been doing my 60 second plank, but I haven't been to the gym, I'll probably go this evening though, I've really been missing it!

Food (07/04/2017)

Breakfast: Woke up late, didn't eat breakfast.
Lunch: Farmhouse Bread (1 Slice)
1/2 Can of Baked Beans
45g Violife Vegan Cheese
Dinner: Linda McCartney Country Pie
2 Tablespoons of Mashed Potato
Snacks: Strawberry Cornetto
Drinks: Water - 2.5 Liters
1 x Black Coffee

Food (08/04/2017)

Breakfast: Porridge Oats
1/2 a Medium Apple
1/2 Teaspoon of Peanut Butter
Lunch: Farmhouse Bread (2 Slices)
2 x Vegetable Fingers
Dinner: Boiled White Rice
Vegetable Chilli with Soya Mince
Snacks: Tiny Brownie Chunk
Drinks: Water - 1 Liter
2 x Diet Coke
3 x Black Coffee
S: 126.8lb C: 126.8lb G: 115lb BMI: 21.8 Loss: 0lb(0%)
Right. It's been a fun day, but a bad one food-wise, and I've reached a point where I've realized I want to get my head in the game a bit more, in both being healthy and life in general. I'm living in a mess, there's honey spilled over one of my shelves, my entire room is a state, I can't find anything and I don't want to live like this anymore, I can't. I'm going to see a movie with my dad tonight, so if we get snacks I'll probably just get my usual stuff, write off the rest of the day, and try to get back on it tomorrow. No, not try, I will be back on it. I want to pull my life together. I want to be on top of things again. I want to be able to live.
Hi. How was today?
I read something once that said that our surroundings reflect our minds so if we are feeling overwhelmed and chaotic then that will be expressed in our house/room.
That really resonated with me.