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  1. Steph1980

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    I am really not posting this to be cruel to all of you on LL or CD who are on SS, but I just wanted to share an amazing experience I had with you today. I'm not on LL or CD yet.....but trying hard to be good until the new year.
    Woke up at 10am when my darling daughter woke me up (she loves her sleep).Then challenge - the shopping. This is normally when everything goes horribly wrong. I failed miserably to walk past the fresh cream cake selection and picked up a box of cream slices that had been marked down because they were a little squashed. Continued with my shopping as usual...then something strange happened.
    As I left Asda with my shopping I walked past the bin outside and threw away the cream slices, walked to the car, loaded it up and went home. Very weird.
    So I'm two cream slices lighter, as normally I would have demolished both. A small triumph today....heres to many more.
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  3. Summerskye

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    Woohoo!! Way to go Steph! That took some amazing willpower. Well done you! :D
  4. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Congratulations Steph. That took some doing
    Irene xx
  5. Gill-cdthing

    Gill-cdthing Gone, but who cares huh

    wow, the subconcious is an amazing thing you know
  6. CW Consultant

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    Just goes to show your mind is in the right place.
  7. Roch

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    Well done girl, it just shows how much willpower and strength we do have.
    It does not matter if u r not on a vlcd u can still drop a clothes size by now and christmas by just cutting down and following the right diet/eating plan.
    Have a good day hun and well donr 2 u xx
  8. Russiandoll

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    I might have been able to resist buying the cream slices in the first place .... but if they'd made my way into my trolley then there NO WAY I'd have been able to throw them away. They'd have ended up in a different kind of bin - my tummy!! :rolleyes:

    Well done on your fantastic willpower .... you will do FANTASTICALLY on LL or CD: I can tell! ;)
  9. icemoose

    icemoose The Diet Guy

    Don't diet anymore!
    Losing weight is all in the head and nowhere else and if you head is in "that place" then it is time to close your eyes and be slim.

    Well done you.

  10. CheekyMare

    CheekyMare Full Member

    Well done Steph! that took some doing. I don't think I would have been able to do that before starting LL. Too bad you didn't bin them before you reached the checkout then your purse would have been a little bit fatter!!
  11. Barb

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    Hmmmm, interesting, you got rid before you got home! That is the key, if I get the naughty stuff home then I am gonna eat it. I did a similar thing with a tesco order last week, I was having a dleivery to my nursery school and ordered some cookies for me and the staff, just something I do occassionaly. Just before the cut off time I went back online and cancelled them and I felt so pleased with myself.
    Icemoose is right, it is all about the head!
    Small triumphs lead to big successes!

  12. Champess

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    I find home shopping is sooooooooooo helpful.

    You don't have to even look at anything naughty.

    Well done for dumping the cream cakes, don't know if I could have been so strong
  13. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    Well done Steph - way to go girl !! :D


  14. cah-ching

    cah-ching Gold Member

    Well done steph,

    When one's willpower is in play it really does wonders your your empowerment!

    Well done again!
  15. Jemax

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    Hi Steph1980, I read your thread some hours ago and having thought about it and pondered upon it, I feel the need to comment.

    At my present state of mind I would not have bought the cream cakes - for me that is not even an option. All I know is that my food is at home (spares in the car & at work) and foodwise I will only buy sparkling water for myself.

    But I you have given me a new thought to process - we all have out weaknesses and should one day I happen to be in your position I know that I have that option to throw them away and not bring those temptations home. Who says that because I bought them I have to eat them??? This is one of the reasons why I became overweight in the first place, not wanting to waste food. But you know, it is ok. It is far worth the price to throw them away than it is to eat and feel guilty afterwards.

    It is threads like this and this CD that really makes me think about what I choose to put in my mouth. We learn everyday on this diet.

    Well done for being so strong, I am proud of you. :D
  16. westhills

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    I have changed. I can keep all kinds of cake and biscuits in the house, sweets, crisps, chocolate, etc. and I do not touch it - not even tempted. BUT, if I buy nuts or dried fruit (especially apricots) I over indulge big time. And I reckon there are 50 calories in just FOUR dried apricots!! So, until my Amsterdam excessess are sorted out, I've had to stop buying fruit and nuts. Strange.
  17. Steph1980

    Steph1980 Member

    It just gets stranger

    Well, Monday is big shop day, but because I went Sat (cream slice incident) I didn't need to go. Instead Katie and I went into town and bought some christmas presents. Needed to have some lunch. I know there is no bread in the house so I thought we'd pop into the bakers for 4 rolls. Well you can imagine, much like the cream slice incident, there wasn't much chance of me leaving the bakers with just 4 rolls.......but i did. Now this is one of those that bakers that sells hot pastries, quiche and every variety of cake, doughtnut and pastry. Ring doughnuts with pink or white icing are my fav, so are carrot cake. Didn't even notice if they had the doughnuts and the carrot was right in front of me.....still I only left with 4 rolls. Woohoo!

    Oh and I had breakfast for the last two mornings which is also my big down fall. Lets hope this continues.

    Haven't heard from local LL or CD counsellors yet - not very impressed!
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  19. Avril

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  20. Gen

    Gen Normal

    well done steph you really are in the 'zone'!!!
  21. wecandothis

    wecandothis Member

    wow, i'm impressed!!!!

    what incredible will power!!!!
  22. Steph1980

    Steph1980 Member

    Well, my local LighterLife Counsellor called me earlier and she really sounds so know when you get a feeling about something.
    Had another long chat with my hubby and we have sorted the finance side of it, so I called her back and put my name down to start in January! I'll go and meet her and get a medical form next week.
    I've had a good few days, but now I've put my name down I feel even more determined. May be I can get down to 18st by then. You never know.
    I feel so good at the moment, I just hope it continues.

    I am going to try and be REALLY good from now to January, tell myself it will be even quicker to lose less weight.


    P.S Lost 1lb, not a lot, but it's a start.
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