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G: 10st7lb
My scales havent budged since SUNDAY....I have stuck to SS+ and even sole sourced it on Monday...yet nothing? Im losing the will to do this. I have my weigh in on Saturday,and I know much differnce wont be made by then, WHY its only my second week.

Im truely thinking about stopping this diet, what a waste of money!

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there could be a no. of reasons, how much water are you drinking? have you been to the loo? you may be losing inches have you mesured yourself? Its only week two give it another week and i bet you will have a good loss. this diet works and isnt a waste of money if you stick to it by the book there are tons of people on here that are doing it some people have had small losses then big losses everyone is different. Keep going it will happen. sorry to seem harsh.

becky xx
G: 10st7lb
Hmmph I havent measured myself and I have no idea hwo much I started at, my CDC never measured me? Where am I meant to take measurements? Is it just my waist?
I have been having 3.5litres of water minumum.
I dont get it.


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Hi, did you lose 9kg in the first week. Wow that amounts to 19lb. Now that is a huge loss and maybe why you have slowed down this week. Dno't give up and drink as much water as you can. You will have to lose weight as calorie intake is so low.
Chin up hun and don't cry. it will happen.
Hmmph I havent measured myself and I have no idea hwo much I started at, my CDC never measured me? Where am I meant to take measurements? Is it just my waist?
I have been having 3.5litres of water minumum.
I dont get it.
Not sure what way the cdc's are a ment to work but mine didnt mesure me. I mesured myself everywhere thighs,bust, waist etc. Do it now and write it down and mesure yourself maybe next week. 3.5litres is a good amount of water. I cant offer any other advice perhaps a cdc is around and will help more. Dont give up yet though k :)

becky xx
Dont be put off by a midweek wi. I know my weight doesnt come off as fast as CD but Ive found I can be showing a weight gain on a Friday if I check and then on the Monday for my wi its all gone and Im showing a loss too. Maybe try keep to just your official wi, a midweek one although intended to reassure us can really demoralise

I bet its very different when you get weighed on Saturday :)


has started again!!
Best idea is not to weigh yourself, I find! I too have been totally demoralised by the bloomin scales and them not moving, or heading the wrong way. Often, I have found that by WI they are ok and where they should be!!

Easy to give advise mind you, but not so easy to live by (she says looking sheepish!!)
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sez please dont stop this diet.. you have lost over a stone already no other diet will give you that in such a short time :)

stick with it.. your loss prob slowed down now cus your body is prob thinking WTF where have i gone too? ya know?

measure yourself, i measures my bust, right thigh, right arm, waist and hips :) do this every few weeks and when you not seeing the scales budge the inches will surely be coming off :)

i drinking minimum of 4.5 litres of water a day now, cus i have slowed right down, my body is just dissapearing from under my nose so its probably saying no no no no i miss you at the moment, and i will catch up soon...

so wil you :)

stick with it you wil see the results soon, your having so few calories hun of course you will lose :)

keep smiling, telling yourself it will be ok its coming off..... :)


Will B Slim
S: 18st8lb C: 17st12lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 45.7 Loss: 0st10lb(3.85%)
Dont give up the scales will go down by saturday. This diet is the best i have ever done and definately works.


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You'll be fine!!:D. I lost 12lbs in my first weigh in (over 2 weeks) and then 3rd week the scales didn't move for five days, then suddenly 2lbs dropped off over night the day b4 my weigh in. Keep it in perspective - 19lbs is a huuuuuge loss on your first weigh in!!

Keep up the good work:)

Lisa Marie

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G: 10st0lb
It took me 4 weeks to lose 19lbs, that is an amazing loss in your first week. I have had weeks where I weighed before my WI and stayed the same but on WI day I've actually lost. Don't give up hun it really is a great diet and you wouldn't get a 19lb loss in 1 week on any other diet.

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