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I've not tried to make them but you can get baking parchment from the supermarket, it'll be with the cling film and tin foil.


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:sign0137::sign0137::sign0137:...I tried crisps with the vegetable soup the other day....Oh my god, Bloody awful...lol
Hope you like them x


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lol :D - I tried too the other night with the mushroom. Not too bad, but burned a few and had a few undercooked ones. Need to practice - I used to love them!

Good luck

L xx
how do you make them?

i would liek to try them with the tomato too, i have foil, microwave, and oven lol..


Just about on the wagon!
Do you have a microwave? I've never done them in the oven.

For me, I put soup pack into a bowl, add a bit of water at a time until it's a medium paste - a little lick puree. This bit's trial and error to how you like them. I like them a bit thinner, but I started out thicker.

Then, I cut a piece of non-stick baking paper, and blob them on with a teaspoon to make a kind of clock face, one in the middle, one at 12, 3, 6, and 9, and then one in between the 4 outside ones. (Hope this makes sense!!) With the back of the spoon I flatten them a bit, then put them in the micro. I have a 800w one, and it takes about 50 seconds. Then, check them (put them in for longer if necessary), and peel them off the paper and into a bowl.

Bob's your uncle! ;)

L xx


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i made them with spicy tomato and they were truly disgusting. not like crisps at all! i kno i shouldnt have been expecting walkers sensations but come on a crisp is a crisp!!!!!!!!!!!!


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You wouldn't be able to peel them off the plate. I think the point of the paper is that you can make them really thin and peel them off. When I make mine really thin they do come out like crisps. Obviously not the crisps I know and love, but the same thickness, and I can snap them.

Why not try one of the other recipes? Look at the stickies - i assume the recipes bit is still there. I've made muffins and all sorts. :D

L xx
I havent bothered to try these because honestly I cant imagine them to be appetising for me at all they seem to get very mixed results

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