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I am just going to be starting out using Alli the slightly less potent version of xenical.

I am following weight watchers just now, but I am very aware of the need to avoid high fat foods.

I like to have a packet of crisps with my tea at 11, I was just wondering if anyone knows if low fat type crisps would be ok??? Maybe skips or some such thing?
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If I remember correctly skips, quavers etc are quite high in fat. When you're on tablets like these, reading labels becomes doubly important lol
If I fancy a bag of crisps, I eat Walkers baked crips, which are slightly over the 5% fat, they are about 8% fat I think, and Walkers lights are about 5% fat.
if i must eat crisps i eat snack a jacks the salt and vinegar ones they are well below 5 percent fat and only 80 something calories per pack , quite filling too.. x


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Went to supermarket today and must have looked crazy walking up and down the crisp aisle!!

Anyway ended up going for walkers french fries, they are less than 5% fat.

Thanks for all the advice!


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I love snack a jacks, so tasty and filling and under the 5% fat whooo hooo xxx

I am confused from my crisp shopping and the posts on here.

Snacker jacks = 7.4 per 100g
Marmite Bread Sticks = 6.2 per 100g
Rivita Mini's = 2.1 per 100g
French Fries = 16 per 100g

So, from what I have been told the Rivita Mini is the only option??

Are people getting confused with the "must not be more than 5g of fat per 100g" and the pack contents fat content?

Alibailibee, can you please clarify??


From your list yes, only the ryvita are lower than 5% fat. The French Fries are nearly 3 times that at 16% fat.
On food labels, you are looking at TOTAL fat content, and you want it to be no higher than 5g of fat per 100g.
Everyone is different, and some people can eat things that are slightly higher, say the snacka jacks, and have no side effects, some people will though have a side effect.
Hi guys, me again

Just seen that Pretzels (sainsburys be good to yourself and others similar) are 2.5g per 100g which makes these great as a snack if you like them.

I have tried the Rivita Mini Sour Cream and Sweet Chillli flavours and the flavours are quite synthetic so I only ate half the pack BUT it did give me the feeling I had been eating crisps which is good as I'm a savoury girl.

Will post any new findings as I know snacks are important to us guys...

BTW, am still eating my 5 a day, probably more!

i have always eaten side effects and find im doing ok no side effects and they do fill you up much more then other crisps... but im going to be trying out the other stuff too thats low fat

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