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Hey guys,

I'm so cross! Prob being a bit of a drama queen but i popped into town at lunch to try and find a new outfit for a christening but could i find anything?could i hell as like!

Trying to find nice things to wear when your big is a mission. Hardly anywhere does plus size and when they do, they are hardly fashionable.Just because i'm big doesn't mean i want to dress like a 60 year old! I find the only decent places i can shop are evans, new look and asda. Places like H and M and Matalan do larger ranges but floral shirts and polyester trousers aren't really that appealing.

I dont want to sound mean or obnoxious but i just get so cross!! its obviously thin people who are designing these ranges!

Ok rant over!
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I know how you're feeling hun, I was having the same problem when I very first started the diet. The biggest slap in the face though for me and something I thought about complaining about strongly was that in the shops, such as Evans which cater for bigger women, you still have the posters of the thinner woman modelling the clothes.
Another prob I have is that I'm really short as well, so if I find something to fit me, I then have to find something to fit the length of me too. It's a nightmare. I notice that as you lose weight and the option of shopping in other clothes opens up to you, it get's easier, but what about in between that time?
I was saying the other day that I felt like I dressed too old for my age and my partner pointed out saying I dress for my size at the moment because I can't get into all the clothes I want.
However, you can turn this into a positive, you can make this your goal so you can stick two fingers up to those people who obviously think larger people aren't deserving of decent fashion. :D :D :D


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Hi Pink

Oh, gosh I know what you mean....I was like that for years and years and it just makes shopping miserable and when events that are looming unbearable.

Like Abbie says, make that your goal and your mission to get to your goal weight...although in saying that, it doesnt really help you at the minute.

have you tried New Look, they have a 16+ range, cant remember what it goes up to, it might even be from 18-26 or something like that and they are a bit more fashionable. Although the sizes do tend to be a little smaller. There are others shops I used to go in, but a bit expensive, like Elvi although that was more for smart wear for office.....but they can be a little mmmmm..old fashioned.

Good to rant and get it out into the open, and then that will make you all the more determined to get down to a lovely size :)

Hope you have a better day and find something soon for the Christening.
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Know exactly how you feel .Read went shopping....depressed on the maintenance forum. I had to get something for a wedding recently and it was so hard (Id be size 18 ish!!! big boobs) . I wanted a dress a simple summer dress (and I am als only 5ft 3) . It was impossible . I eventually got something which looks semi -decent but not what i really wanted . I hait settling.
its so frustrating!scotsmist, i get most of my stuff from New Look.They are pretty decent, but still, it baffles me how they seem to have a completely different 'range' from all the other stuff in the shop.

Abbie i completely know what you mean about the posters!!'yeah, the leggings do look nice'- because their on someone whos a size 12 with legs up to her armpits! grrrr!!!

I try and be as fashionable as i can as well as watching that i dress for my size. Its just disappointing that i have to wait until i've lost a few stone in order to be more excited when i go shopping!


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urgh. know exactly what you mean! i used to love the plus size range at debenhams, it was called gorgeous and it was brilliant! but they stopped it!!! absolute madness.

also hate that plus size catalogues/ranges start at a size 14! makes me want to burn them all!!

I'd love to set up my own business!bet there would be a huge market for it!

it's nice to know others feel my pain. all my friends are skinny minnys so they just dont understand x


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Oh i think almost all of us are feeling your pain and annoyance!!

you don't mention what size you're after so sorry if this is no help... Monsoon go up to a size 22, if that's any help - they are pricey and prob not what you'd want as you'll be shedding pounds. BUT, they do sell well on ebay too... Also Next go up to 22.

bon MArche, Asda and Sainsburys also go bigger than that (think BM do, Asda certainly does), and debenhams do some bigger sizes i think.

It's SO frustrating, when all you want to do is look good for a special occasion but you feel scuppered every time you try and get something.

But, in terms of motivation - it's great to know you have a fukler range of shops at your disposal once the sizes, pounds and inches drop off :)

don't even start me on New Look - some of their stuff is plain insulting to larger women, why can't shops just do the same clothes as for 'skinnies' but just bigger?!

Not seen the H&M (big is Beautiful) plus size range, do they still do it? that was all just long shapeless tents when i used to bother looking.

don't lose heart, there ARE things out there... if you have time to wait, try ebay, there's loads of nice stuff, also a French online catalogue shop called La Redoute, the range is 'taillissime' - my friend, s26+ i'd guess swears by it.


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Hi Pink

I have just been in H & M and it says on the wall size 18-30 but I couldnt find the range!!! I know what you mean about New Look; a little area is designated for the Plus sizes and they are not brill. It is so frustrating.

Doesnt Dawn French do a nice range, cant remember what it is called, something like 47/7 ???? Dont know what the prices are like but might be worth a try..she always looks nice.
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Now I have the opposite problem.....I'm loving all the fab size 14 clothes in gorgeous colours with matching accessories, but feel I could possibly be dressing a wee bit too young, now (I'm 54). Colleagues at work say I look lovely, but are they just being polite? I wish I could be I.T. literate and able to post photos on here, but I'm pants!!!!!!!!
thanks for all your help guys!!!monsoon is lovely i've got quite a few clothes from there but again i find that some items they do up to a 22 but others they only go up to 18...and these are usually the nicer, more trendy stuff!!grrr!!!

H and M's collection is crap!!honest to god i've never seen such tosh. i think the deisgners must be living in the dark ages!!

I didnt known dawn french did a range ill have to have a ganders.
Simply be are quite good but i like to try on before i buy.ive ordered loads of things from there which again, look nice on the models because they are a size 12, but when i try then on i look like a bag of s**T!!!lol.

supaslimmer i think you should have more confidence and beleive what they say!!you are never to old to be bright and beautiful. as long as your not turning up to work in a mini skirt and leapord print boob tube i reckon you'll be alright!you've done so well to get to where you are you just flaunt it!!xx

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